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Put the people needing help first


On Sunday, Jan. 27, the Buckeye Lake squad was dispatched at 10:22 p.m. to a W. 4th Street address on an activated medical alarm. The paid person on duty answered the radio and said they needed a crew on station. Captain 421 marked the station that he was in route to the station.

Before he arrived on station, the paid person marked 904 (the dispatch center) that Squad 421 was responding. Captain 421 had not even passed my house yet, and I live right on Ohio 79. The squad actually left about one minute later than reported to 904.

I have a scanner and I listen and watch the fire department when the siren goes off. This incident makes it look like they are trying to make their performance look better than it is. I hope this was an isolated incident, but I doubt it as the leadership has been going to great lengths to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes.

It’s bad enough that we have poor leadership at the department; now we have a paid person misinforming the dispatch center. I guess it’s monkey see, monkey do.

Village Council members decided last week to wait until November to put the fire department levy renewal back on the ballot. I hope residents continue to watch the department closely and vote “NO” again if major changes aren’t made to improve service.

We’ve already sent that message once to the mayor and council members, but I guess they didn’t take us seriously. I want them to know I’ll continue to vote “NO” until major changes are made to improve emergency medical services.

Our mayor and council members were elected to represent us. It is time for them to put the people needing help first, not the department’s broken leadership. God help us all until they do.

Amiee Raphael
Buckeye Lake

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