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Public records provide fodder for ‘watchdog’


Public records show that the Kirkersville Village Council passed an ordinance to make it unlawful to “park (or leave standing) any commercial vehicle, trailer, recreational vehicle or boat on any street, alley or right of way within the village limits at any time.” Of course this does not apply to vehicles in use by “government, political subdivisions, or emergency services during performance of duties related to such government, political subdivision, or emergency services activities.” In addition to this ordinance, they also passed legislation amending Chapter 452 of the code reading, “Continuous Parking in the Same Location.” It sounds like one of our citizens (who owns a truck, trailer, RV or boat) has irritated the Kirkersville GOB (Good Ole Boys) and now they must pay – literally!

Speaking of paying, the village payroll for February 2007 was almost $6,000. Excluding elected officials, the Village of Kirkersville employs seven people: one mayor’s court clerk, three part-time police officers, one street employee, one solicitor and one magistrate. Don’t forget that the elected officials voted themselves a raise which TRIPLED what they had been getting!

In addition, your tax dollars were used in February to pay for things such as: $333.00 to Flying J for gasoline; $799.60 to Columbia Gas; $245.53 to the Computer Jerk, Bill Harper; $120.75 to the Clerk’s Assistant, Ms. Tremblay; and $764.97 to Best Buy (for a new computer – How much of a “degree” do you need to buy a new computer?!) In January, the Columbia Gas bill was $625.92. That’s almost $1500.00 in gas bills in only two months!

On the other side, here are the most recent figures from Mayor’s Court including two other neighboring villages.
Village               Population
            2006 Total         January 2007
Buckeye Lake     3,049
            $48,737.80         $3,581.00
Hebron               2,034
            $21,299.00         $1,870.00
Kirkersville       520
            $47,536.00         $2,796.00

Public records also show that one paid Kirkersville police officerhas been “dismissed for non-compliance – he didn’t show up for work.” One police officergets fuel, but a different officersigns the receipt and ALMOST NEVER do these officersput a date on their time card! The “date” is usually left blank. The time clock stamps only the month and day, not the year. I don’t know how they are going to establish one year from the next when these records are filed. I would think the auditor’s officewill surely frown on this inability to accurately track hours worked.

Bonnie MansfieldKirkersville

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