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It’s been many moons since I wrote a letter in The Beacon. I knew this day was coming and like Charlie I hid my head in the sand and hoped for the best. Well the best is not happening because I won’t have a paper Beacon to open up, read and collect.

However, an on-line Beacon might just be a blessing in disguise both for Charlie and Buckeye Lake. I will believe until the day I die that not only is the Beacon the backbone of Buckeye Lake but it is absolutely unique; people all over read it for so many different reasons. The April 1st addition is infamous and well known far and wide.

I know many of you are concerned about your businesses during the hell we have been put through by ODNR, but how many readers take a blessing like the Beacon for granted? I think we are so lucky that Charlie took this path when he could have either sold out or just closed this enigma called The Buckeye Lake Beacon. Please join me by thanking him personally and by putting your ads and letters in The Beacon.

Editor, Charlie, ad-man, right fighter, trustee, chief cook and bottle washer etc. in fact it would take 24 pages for me to write all the things Charlie is or has done for our communities in the last 22 years; I am so glad to know you and blessed that you are my friend. My hope is bright for the future of The Beacon because instead of being set in stone weekly, new stories and information can be added as needed at any time. There is just one thing I want to add… Charlie, there is government money out there that The Beacon qualifies for. Take it pal because you have earned every penny. Charlie, a little (hopefully string-free) cash might be a good thing. I know it’s against everything you stand for, but do it anyway. You over qualify for that money!

Now I want to thank Robert Panian for his recent letter. I bow to you sir. I also think Charlie should print it again. ODNR started and continues to divide and conquer Buckeye Lake residents – excuse m – stakeholders. It is how they won by default starting out with a falsehood. We would have a great state park system if ODNR just did one- one-hundredth of the job they did on Buckeye Lake stakeholders. However that is not the case.

Sadly, Mr. Panian I have to tell you a truism here. Have you ever heard the saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?” You gave us all a plan to get water back in the lake for a 2017 boating season. There are roughly 1600 lake front homes around Buckeye Lake. I bet you less than 16 of the 1600 will write or do the right thing here. I know because I spent $150,000 out of my pocket to try to stop this project because I am intimately aware of the way ODNR does business. I saw this coming at us like an iceberg. I would have spent the estimated $550,000 to sue ODNR to stop them if I had the support of the stakeholders.

Now sir, we are at the mercy of this dreadful department and there is almost nothing we can do to stop it. I wish the stakeholders would prove me wrong Robert. I wish 1600 letters would hit the statehouse hard. However, I saw our representatives step away from this big fat lie and I will never forgive any of them. If we reelect them then we deserve what we get – a government that couldn’t care less about the voters. In my humble opinion, this attitude is a prime example of why Trump won the presidency and why Kasich has no future (Thank you, God) in politics. I hope our narcissistic governor leaves Ohio all together and the door hits him on the way out!

To the 1600 stakeholders around Buckeye Lake…I double dog dare you to prove me wrong! , send one to Representative Steven Stivers, at gov , the third letter can be sent to State Senator Jay Hottinger’s, email at hottinger@ohiosenate. gov and the fourth to the ODNR Director James Zehringer, at

As always JMHO!

Victoria Wolfe
West Bank

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