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Prosecutor supports police levy


As Fairfield County Prosecutor, I strongly urge all Baltimore voters to support the Village Police Levy this election day. Chief Michael Tussey is a strong leader of a professional department, but even the best professionals need proper resources to do their job fully.

Our community faces significant challenges from increased use and trafficking in heroin, opiates, and methamphetamine. Such increased drug activity of course drives other crimes, whether thefts and break-ins to support drug addiction, and violence stemming from being under the influence of such mind-altering substances. This is a widespread problem that affects every part of Fairfield County, including Baltimore.

I know from working with the Baltimore PD in prosecuting felony offenses that, despite their efforts, the forced loss of two full-time officers and cessation of 24 hour service has hampered their ability to investigate and apprehend criminals. This is the opposite direction of what our local communities need to take to effectively combat the growing threat of drug-related crimes.

I ask Baltimore residents to choose in favor of restoring the Baltimore Police Department to a full-time force for protecting the community 24/7. Please vote for the Baltimore Police Levy on November 6th.

Gregg Marx
Fairfield County Prosecuting Attorney

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