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Prayer Vigil for Justice supporters thanked


Our warm thanks goes to everyone who participated in the Prayer Vigil for Justice in the Village of Buckeye Lake last week. We appreciate all who created the Cortez case timeline, printed flyers, distributed flyers, and contacted the various media sources. Special thanks goes to our Buckeye Lake Beacon for its ongoing vigilance and excellent coverage.

We are grateful to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel for allowing us to assemble on their property when we were threatened with charges if we met as scheduled on Noel Joyce’s premises. Our encouragement and support go to Sgt. Tom Brown and Det. Chris Barbuto as they seek to apprehend the fugitive.

I understand that some people are reluctant to step forward because Mr. Cortez has been invested in their personal lives or has aided them in some way. Through the years, he helped many folks, myself included. Generosity, however, does not carry an exemption from statutes of the law or special entitlement. On this playground, recess is over! The bell has rung. It’s time for all the kids to come inside. The first one in (as in the current OJ Simpson case) will benefit. Those who stay outside too long will miss the bus!

The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. Are you coming in or still hanging back on the playground?

The Licking County Sheriff’s Tip Line is 740-670-5539.
Rev Bev (Myers)
Tailgate Ministries

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