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Popo recommended for trustee


I sincerely recommend Vince Popo for Walnut Township Trustee for one of the two open positions.

Vince has the experience needed for this job. Many people know Vince for his dedicated service to our School Board, community and tireless work to help and better the lives of our senior citizens. He helped the Village of Buckeye Lake for over two years as their Fiscal Officer. He currently serves the Village of Millersport in administration with serving for 9 years as: Flood Plan Manager, FEMA Coordinator, Zoning Coordinator and two years as Fiscal Officer.

Vince understands and deals with government tax and funding issues that effect our community. He is honest and will take excellent care of our hard earned tax dollars.

Even though Vince said he would notput up Vote For Popo signs, I am at my own expense placing two signs on my property to encourage people to Vote For Popo for Walnut Township Trustee.

Please vote on Nov 5th!

Charles Mesko

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