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Pools cool summer heat wave



THORNVILLE, BALTIMORE – Thanks to this summer’s nearly unrelenting heat and humidity, the Thornville Pool is a popular place these days, said pool manager Amie Romine. “Last weekend was super busy,” she said. Romine said not only is the weather cooperating, but the Thornville Pool is under new management. “It’s going good,” she said.

The Baltimore pool’s been popular, too, said Baltimore Administrator Teri Wise. “We’re up about 30 percent in attendance” over last year, she said. “We’re seeing an increase.” Wise assured the pool water is safe following some concerns earlier in the year with discolored water coming from the water treatment plant. She said the pool water is tested every day and is consistently safe.

Both Romine and Wise believe their respective pools are likely benefiting from the closure of Millersport’s pool. Damage from a spring storm and failure of a major pump convinced village officials that they could no longer hold the 40-year old pool together without significantly more financial resources than available. The pool will be removed this year and the remaining excavation will be refilled with soil.











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