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Police reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• June 14: Police received a visit from Fire Chief Pete Leindecker to report that an individual stopped by the fire department to advise that a driver had hit a couple of signs and took off at the police department. No damage was found, however unit A called unit B and stated there was an accident at the old LEADS building. No damage found there. After speaking with unit B, Police noticed that a small section of the municipal building sign was broken off but no vehicle was present. A couple pieces of glass were left at the scene. Unit B advised to do a call record about the incident.

• June 15: Police were dispatched to assist the Licking County Sheriff’s office with a male subject with a possible medical or mental issue on Hebron Road. Unit was cancelled as they arrived on scene.

• June 15: Police responded to a Worth Drive residence on a report of a suspicious male. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that her nephew was lying on the back porch and knocking on the door stating that the police were trying to kill him. The complainant stated that she didn’t want the subject on her property. Police checked the area but the subject had left.

• June 15: Police were dispatched to assist the Hebron Police Department to search for a two-year old boy that was close to the road in the area of US 40 and Ohio 79. Negative contact.

• June 15: Police were dispatched to Leisure Village to speak to a woman who had found a lost dog. Police spoke with the owners who had been looking for the dog.

• June 15: Police filed a theft report on behalf of the Village of Buckeye Lake on a Central Avenue resident for stealing water service at that address. The village water department placed a lock on the water meter. The water department advised that if the lock were removed, the village would file charges on the homeowner. Police attempted to make contact with someone at the residence but no one appeared to be home.

• June 15: Police were dispatched to Leisure Village on a report of a possible trespassing. Upon arrival, police met with the subject who stated he just got out of jail and returned back to his residence. His girlfriend stated that she was not home but did not want this subject at her residence. She was advised how to start the eviction process.

• June 15: Police were dispatched to Leisure Village on a report of a stray pit bull. Subjects said they would keep the dog until Friday when they can take it to the Humane Society. They did not want the dog warden to come get it.

• June 15: Police were dispatched to a Worth Drive residence on a report of a possible B & E. The resident reported that her relative had been in her garage the previous night and she does not want him on her property. She advised that her family would be getting a protection order due to subject not being in his right mind. She wanted to document the incident.

• June 16: Police were dispatched to Anchors Way to assist the Buckeye Lake Fire Department. The medic stated that there was strange woman that was hanging around the area and they just wanted an officer to stand by while they got their patient ready for transport. Assistance provided.

• June 16: Police responded to the Buckeye Lake Hardware on a report of a suspicious person. An employee stated that a man came into the store and asked for a screwdriver. He then removed his ankle monitor. The employee was able to learn the subject’s name and it was determined that he was on probation with Fairfield County. Police attempted to contact the authorities but were unsuccessful so a message was left.

• June 16: Police were dispatched to the local motel on a report of a disturbance. The incident involved a male subject possibly intoxicated who was causing problems. Parties were advised.

• June 16: Police were dispatched to the same Worth Drive residence on a report of a known person in the area who potentially could cause problems. Unable to locate subject.

• June 16: Police were dispatched to Leisure Village on a suicide attempt. Initially, the subject claimed he was going to cut his throat. Once placed in the cruiser, he stated he was just going to take a bunch of pills. Subject was taken to LMH for a three-day evaluation on a pink slip.

• June 16: Police made a traffic stop on Hebron Road at Mill Dam and issued a warning for two headlights required.

• June 17: Police responded to a report by another unit of subjects going through the donation containers at Goodwill. All subjects were identified and advised not to be on the property or face potential charges.

• June 17: Police were dispatched to KOA Kampground on a report of subjects being loud in the area. They were advised.

• June 18: While on patrol at Mill Dam Road, police stopped a 34-year-old female driver with a good attitude. She was issued a warning regarding speed and advised.

• June 18: Police responded to a disturbance at KOA Kampground. and were advised that the management had received several complaints about a couple campers. It was reported that the subjects had opened and looked into a car next to their camp site. The camp host did not want the subjects there another day. The campers had a good attitude as they gathered their belongings and left. The owners of the car stated that nothing had been taken and felt fine with them leaving.

• June 18: Police on patrol cited a 28-year-old female for driving the wrong way on Central Avenue. The driver had a very good attitude.

• June 18: Police cited a 55-year-old male driver for speed on Walnut Road. The driver had a fair attitude.

• June 18: Police arrested a man who was drunk in front of the police station.

• June 18: Police were contacted about a lost dog had been caught at the KOA Kampground area. They secured the dog and contacted animal control who took control of the dog.

• June 18: Police responded to a report of a missing three-yearold girl at a North Shore Landing residence. After searching the home again, the youngster was found safe and secure on the balcony of the third floor.

• June 18: Police responded to a Lakeview Drive address on a report of theft. The complainant stated that her ex had taken $300 from her account. She also stated that he had been stalking her and her children. This is an ongoing investigation.

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