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Police chief urges businesses to watch for ‘replica’ bills

BUCKEYE LAKE – Police Chief Vicki Wardlow visited local businesses Wednesday to warn them to watch for “replica” bills.

She distributed photocopies of a “replica” $100 and $20 bill. Her door-to-door warnings came after a local business accepted a “replica” $100 bill as payment for a purchase. Wardlow said the fake bills can come in all denominations, with $20 and $100 bills the most popular. She said they look and feel like a real bill with a couple of critical differences. The $100 “replica” bill actually included the word “replica” under the domination on the top, left side and the words “For motion picture use only” to the right of Benjamin Franklin’s portrait. A recent counterfeit $20 bill included the word “copy” under the denomination on the top, left side.

Real $100 bills have a vertical blue line just to the right of Franklin’s portrait. For police emergencies, call 9-1-1. The department’s business line, for non-emergency calls, is 740-928-0999.

This counterfeit ‘replica’ was recently passed at a Buckeye Lake Village business.

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