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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• April 1: A Heath man was stopped for speeding and running a stop sign on Mill Dam Road. The officer found the man was intoxicated and driving with a suspended license. The driver was charged with speeding, running a stop sign, OVI, and DUS.

• April 2: A six-year-old child was reported missing from Ryan Park. The child was later found safe at home.

• April 2: Police checked out a possible illegal burn.

• April 2: A Walnut Road woman said her juvenile son was involved in a fight with another juvenile, who injured her son. However, neither juvenile’s parents wanted to press charges.

• April 3: A Zanesville man reported someone entered his Buckeye Lake property without permission.

• April 3: Police responded to a report of a suspicious person on West 1st Street. No one was located.

• April 3: A possible shoplifter at the Family Dollar store paid for all items when police arrived.

• April 4: An alarm was accidentally tripped at a Walnut Road residence.

• April 4: A North Bank Road property owner wanted a person removed who was living at the North Bank property. Property owner was advised it was a civil matter for the courts.

• April 4: Police responded to an alarm drop at the Buckeye Lake Museum.

• April 4: A Highland Avenue woman reported her jewelry as missing.

• April 5: A Walnut Road resident told police he could plainly see marijuana growing in his neighbor’s home. The officer reported he could also clearly see the marijuana growing from the complainant’s window. The cultivator was arrested and the crop was seized as evidence.

• April 6: Police were dispatched on a report of someone causing a disturbance at a Highland Avenue residence. The resident told police that everything was OK.

• April 8: Police stopped a Cliff Street resident whose car windshield had a large crack that interfered with the driver’s view.


• March 8: Police advised a Buckeye Street resident at midnight to turn down loud music.

• March 8: Police on patrol at 1 a.m. saw a vehicle leaving Evans Park that matched the description of the vehicle reported to be involved in recent vehicle break-ins. Police stopped the vehicle and identified the occupants. The information was turned over to the primary investigator on the break-ins.

• March 8: Police on patrol at 12:37 a.m. saw a car in Evans Park. The couple said they were just talking. They were told that the park closes at dusk.

• March 8: A North 9th Street mother called from work to report that her 16-year-old daughter at home had told her that her 12-yearold daughter had heard someone tapping on her window. Police patrolled the area, but didn’t see anyone.

• March 8: Police were called about a suspicious occupied vehicle sitting in the Kroger parking lot. The driver was an employee that was talking to a female friend before heading home.

• March 9: Police on patrol at 1:50 a.m. saw an open door at Sunfield Equipment. Police and a deputy checked the building. A keyholder arrived and confirmed that everything looked OK. The door was secured.

• March 9: Another driver was cited for a stop sign violation on West 2nd Street at Cumberland Street.


March 17 – 29

• A motorist was warned for a traffic violation on Lancaster Street.

• Police responded to a report of a suspicious person at the Valero station.

• Police were called to the storage units on North Lancaster Street where several locks had been cut off.

• Police took a report on the theft of tools and a four wheeler from a storage unit on North Lancaster Street.

• Police humanely destroyed an injured deer that had been struck by a vehicle.

• Police took a report on an assault involving two juveniles. The incident has been referred to the juvenile prosecutor’s officer for review.

• Police responded to the report of a missing juvenile, then went to another location where the juvenile was found.

• March 30: Police were called to the storage units on North Lancaster Street where locks had been cut off some of the unit.

• March 30: A driver was warned for traffic violations on Lancaster Street at Lynn Avenue.

• March 30: A motorist was warned for excessive speed in the school zone on Lancaster Street.

• March 3: Police responded to a complain of harassment on 5th Avenue.

• April 2: A driver was stopped for travelling 54 mph in a 20 mph school zone. The driver was cited for excessive speed, reckless operation, driving without a license and driving under suspension.

• April 2: Police handled traffic control on a fire department run to a North Lancaster Street business.


• March 24: A Thornville woman was cited for travelling 40 mph in a 25 mph zone.

• March 24: A driver was cited for a traffic light violation.

• March 26: Police responded to multiple reports of thefts from vehicles.

• March 27: Police were called to the sheriff’s office to conduct a BAC test for a New Lexington Police officer.

• March 27: Police assisted the Perry County Sheriff’s Office in a search for a 9-1-1 caller claiming to have a heart attack. After a 30- minute search for the cell phone caller using GPS, police found the man overdosed on prescription drugs and meth in the village park. He was transported by the squad to the hospital.

• March 27: Police on patrol spotted an open garage door on Foster Drive in the midst of multiple calls about thefts from vehicles in the area. Police investigated and found two adults inside who had turned off the lights to hide from police. The Ohio State Highway Patrol assisted police. The two extremely intoxicated individuals were eventually identified. One feared that his father-in-law will be angry if he discovered that he was partying in his home.

• March 27: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol at the police station with a possible intoxicated driver.

• March 27: Police responded to a report of a theft from an auto on Foster Drive with the victim in pursuit. The victim lost the suspects on Grandview Drive and provided descriptions to police. Extra officer were called from home to assist in the search.

• March 27: Police on patrol found two male subjects walking on Veterans Memorial Drive that matched the description of the suspects breaking into vehicles. After detaining the individuals and questioning them, police said they admitted to breaking into vehicles during the past two nights. Police also said they had stolen goods on their persons.

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