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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• March 17: The Buckeye Lake Fire Chief reported someone removed a hand held radio from the department without permission.

• March 18: A Walnut Road woman said she got into an argument with her daughter’s boyfriend, who threatened to kill himself.

• March 19: A Millersport man claimed a bouncer injured him as he was being physically removed from a bar.

• March 21: An Anchors Way resident reported a Buckeye Lake Estates resident threatened and harassed her.

• March 22: An officer received a complaint of juveniles driving a go-cart on or near Central Avenue.

• March 22: Police assisted a Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy with an impaired driver.

• March 23: An East Street man said someone removed a GPS unit and an MP-3 player from his car without permission.

• March 23: A Union Street woman reported keys were stolen from her car.

• March 23: A First Community Church employee reported someone stealing more than $400 from the church’s bank account.

• March 24: A North Bank Road man said his ex-wife took out credit cards in his name without permission.


• Feb. 21: Police responded to a reported verbal domestic dispute at a Canal Road apartment. The man said his wife and daughter had been calling him names and yelling at him all night. His wife said he was intoxicated and had been cussing at her and her daughter. She wanted him out of the apartment and told police that he had a warrant for his arrest. Police found the probation violation warrant from Lancaster Police. Police confirmed the warrant, but the man fled to another apartment and locked the door before police could arrest him. He refused to open the door so the officer then hid behind a tree to see if he would come out. He did so in about five minutes, carrying a large tree limb and tried to get back into his apartment. Police told him to drop the limb and drop to his knees. He dropped the limb, but ignored the other orders. He eventually complied under the threat of being tased. He was arrested and turned over to Lancaster Police at the TA Travel Center.

• Feb. 23: Police checked out a report of a possible impaired driver at the coin laundry. The woman didn’t appear to be intoxicated and police checked her license status. It had not been reinstated. Police told her about her status and advised her to call a friend to pick her up since she couldn’t legally drive. When police drove by later, she was seen getting into the vehicle. Police watched as she drove down Main Street. She was stopped and cited for failure to reinstate her license. She told police she couldn’t find a ride home.

• Feb. 24: A motorist was cited for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Feb. 24: During an earlier arrest, allegations were made about a stolen firearm and other items being kept at a Canal Road apartment. Police learned the apartment was vacant and was being used for storage. After getting a signed consent to search agreement, police found five bikes believed to have been stolen in the aparatment. No fire arms were found.

• Feb. 24: A THK employee reported that a window in his vehicle had been broken out and that his GPS unit had been taken.

• Feb. 25: Police checked out a report of a man riding a bike in the wrong direction in traffic on South High Street. Police found the “wrong way rider,” who promptly confessed. He was advised.

• Feb. 26: A driver was cited for driving under suspension on East Main Street.

• Feb. 26: A driver was cited for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Feb. 26: A motorist was cited for travelling 70 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Feb. 27: Police on patrol at 4:31 a.m. saw a child with a backpack waiting in front of the elementary school. The 12-yearold told police he was waiting for the bus. He thought it was 6:30 a.. Police took the “early riser” to his Kelly Drive home. His mother then realized that the power had gone off and their clocks weren’t right.

• Feb. 27: A Cumberland Street apartment resident reported the theft of a man’s wedding ring. He also reported that a woman had been there two days earlier to drop off her child for a play date. Pollce questioned her and she suggested police talk to her brother.

• Feb. 28: Police assisted an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper administer a BAC test.

• Feb. 28: Police cited yet another driver for a stop sign violation on West 2nd and Cumberland.

• Feb. 28: A driver was cited for travelling 60 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Feb. 28: A driver was cited for driving under suspension.

• March 1: Police on patrol saw an intoxicated man walking along Ohio 79. He was given a ride to his Hebron Road home.

• March 2: A driver was cited for going 69 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• March 3: Police were asked to assist Hebron Fire at 2 a.m. with an intoxicated subject having seizures. The man initially refused to let EMS personnel check him out, but eventually agreed to cooperate.

• March 3: Police checked out the entire Lake Forest subdivision after receiving a report of juveniles with BB guns. No juveniles with BB guns were found.

• March 3: A Kelly Drive woman said a man delivered a paper to her home and was very pushy about getting a donation. Police checked the area, but didn’t see anyone matching her description.

• March 4: A driver was cited for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at North Maple Drive.

• March 4: Police are still investigating a road rage hit skip accident. A driver said he cut off another driver on I-70 and said the driver followed him to Hebron. The upset driver caught up with him on Pence Street and intentionally backed into his vehicle. The driver then left the scene. Police said the hit skip driver later called dispatch to report his involvement in the accident.

• March 5: A Lakewood Drive resident reported the theft of a magnetic lock off her vehicle.

• March 5: A driver was cited for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at O’Neill Drive.

• March 5: A Union Township officer said a young Cumberland Street resident stopped and told him about an unknown bike found in his yard. After speaking with his mother, police took the bicycle into storage for safekeeping.

• March 6: Police cited two drivers for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at US 40.

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