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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Dec. 12: A person who tried to cash a check at the Check Smart was not authorized to do so. The person was charged with forgery.

• Dec. 12: A Zanesville man claimed that several items were stolen from a Buckeye Lake property.

• Dec. 13: A Newark man said someone stole a water softener from a Buckeye Lake property.

• Dec. 14: A Buckeye Lake resident noticed a vacant Central Avenue house was ransacked. Its owners were notified.

• Dec. 14: Police were dispatched to a Walnut Road residence where a young woman assaulted her two sisters, one of whom was pregnant. The young woman fled the scene before police arrived.

• Dec. 16: An officer was dispatched to the Taco Bell where a customer was ramming his vehicle into an employee’s vehicle. The officer stopped the destructive driver, whose breath smelled of alcohol. The driver refused a BAC, but was charged with OVI, criminal mischief, and reckless operation.

• Dec. 17: An officer observed a truck in the Taco Bell parking lot left overnight. The officer ran its plates, which came back as stolen, although the truck was not reported stolen. The truck was impounded.


• Dec. 1: Police on patrol at 6:53 a.m. saw a 12-year-old boy at West 2nd and Cumberland streets. He told police he was waiting for the school bus. Police told him there was no school and asked if anyone was at home. He said he father was there.

• Dec. 1: A Kelly Drive resident report that his vehicle was struck while parked in front of his house.

• Dec. 2: Police cited a driver for an unexpired license.

• Dec. 2: Police cited a driver for a stop sign violation at West 2nd and Cumberland.

• Dec. 2: A 13-year-old juvenile was detained at Krogers for shoplifting makeup, a magazine poser and candy bards. Juvenile theft charges were filed against the Fairfield Beach girl. She was released to her mother.

• Dec. 3: A driver was cited for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Dec. 3: Police were called about a person hunting in the filed across from Krogers. No one was there when police arrived.

• Dec. 3: A Kelly Court woman told police that she believes someone is looking into her daughter’s bedroom window since the plants outside the window are trampled. Police didn’t see any obvious footprints. Police advised the 13-yearold girl to keep the blinds closed and to call them if they suspect anyone is outside the window.

• Dec. 3: The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office asked police to tell a Hebron woman that her husband had been fatally injured in an auto crash. Police offered her assistance and helped her contact other family members.

• Dec. 4: Police on patrol at 1:17 a.m. saw a mini van parked behind the elementary school. The building checked secure.

• Dec. 4: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation on Lakewood Drive and West Main Street.

• Dec. 5: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police with a traffic stop. The Buckeye Lake officer had noticed a strong smell of marijuana.

• Dec. 5: A driver was cited for excessive speed on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Dec. 5: A driver was cited for excessive speed on Refugee Road.

• Dec. 5: Police took a report on the theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle at Weller Motors.

• Dec. 5: A South High Street property owner complained that his dumpster had been filled up over night. A search revealed numerous items from a Lake Forest Drive family. Police went to the home and it appeared the family had moved. Police found a work phone number for a family member and left a message. He apologized and agreed to remove the trash.

• Dec. 6: Police made a traffic stop for a traffic light violation. The driver was found to be driving under suspension. The driver was cited for both violations and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

• Dec. 6: Police were asked to check a Hamilton Avenue home for a missing elderly woman. A resident confirmed that she was there sleeping.

• Dec. 6: Police were called to a non-injury accident at Ohio 79 and Enterprise Drive. One driver had left, but had provided her information to the other driver. The remaining driver was cited for failure to control. Police went to the other driver’s home and cited her for driving under suspension.

• Dec. 7: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation on Lakewood Drive at West Main Street.

• Dec. 7: A Lake Forest man stopped police on patrol to report that his son’s X-Box 360 and an ipod were missing. His son though they might have been stolen, but he wasn’t sure.

• Dec. 8: Police responded to an alarm at a Lake Forest Drive home. Police found the front door unsecured. Several verbal and phone attempts were made to contact the resident. Police eventually entered the home and found a verified resident there. The alarm was reset.

• Dec. 8: A Kelly Drive woman said an unknown person accessed her bank account on Dec. 4 via the Internet. $24.95 was withdrawn for a website membership.

• Dec. 8: A driver was cited for reckless operation for doing doughnuts in the snow at Evans Park.

• Dec. 9: Police were dispatched to backup Buckeye Lake Police on a Hebron Road domestic. Police had difficulty responding because the woman calling didn’t know where she was. The caller was located on West 4th Street. A male came out with her. Police discovered he had a warrant from Pataskala Police. After confirming he was still wanted, he was arrested and taken to jail. The woman and her children were transported to a relative’s home in Pataskala.

• Dec. 10: Police were called to a Cumberland Street on a report of an attempted suicide. The subject has several cuts on one wrist and a small cut on the other. He told police that his pregnant girlfirend was upset because he didn’t have a job. Police called the squad, but he didn’t need to be transported for medical reasons. Police took him to Licking Memorial for evaluation and later took him to his mother’s home.


• Dec. 10: Police checked out a report of 4-wheeler/quads damaging property Saturday evening during the snow. Suspect was warned and charges are pending. Suspect was also warned that 4-wheelers/ quads on the roadway or property of others are subject to impoundment.

• Dec. 10: Police responded to Queen Road to assist the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office on a 9-1-1 call. Two juveniles were advised on the proper use of 9-1-1.

• Dec. 10: Police come up on accident on Ohio 204 east of Summerland Beach Road. The scene was turned over to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office and one arrest was made for driving under the influence of alcohol.

• Dec. 10: Police checked out a suspicious occupied vehicle parked on the Valero station lot at 10:16 p.m. The passenger was having a medical problem and police called a medic to the scene.

• Dec. 13: Police responded to Shell Beach Road to assist the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office on a report of an unruly juvenile.

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