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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Nov. 12: A Buckeye Lake Estates resident complained that her neighbor’s lights were blinding her. The neighbor refused to reposition the lights. According to the report, police cannot force the neighbor to reposition his lights.

• Nov. 12: Police assisted Millersport Police in a search for a man who ran from his vehicle during a traffic stop. The man was not immediately located.

• Nov. 13: Police assisted the US Marshal Service with serving a warrant on a Highland Avenue man.

• Nov. 13: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office with a fight call at a Fairfield Beach residence.

• Nov. 14: A West 1st Street resident said someone attempted to break into his home.

• Nov 15: An East Street woman said her neighbor placed a satellite dish on her property without permission. The neighbor denied it, saying the dish was on his property.

• Nov 15: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff’s Office with an accident on Mill Dam Road.

• Nov. 15: A Walnut Street woman said her ex-husband was causing a scene at her home. The ex-husband was advised to leave the home or face criminal trespass charges.

• Nov. 16: A Walnut Road woman reported telephone harassment. Her ex-boyfriend, intoxicated, called while an officer was at her residence. The officer advised the ex-boyfriend to stop calling.

• Nov. 16: A Super 8 Motel employee reported that a guest may be AWOL from the military. An officer verified he did not have valid orders to be absent and was ordered back to Fort Wainwright immediately.

• Nov. 16: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a squad run.


• Oct. 5: Police watched U.S. 40 for a reported impaired driver heading west from Kroger’s. Police did see the vehicle.

• Oct. 5: Police were called about a possibly intoxicated or sick juvenile in front of Creative Catering. The juvenile told police he was diabetic and was having problems with sugar. He was waiting for his mother to arrive. Police stoodby until his mother arrived.

• Oct. 5: Buckeye Lake Police asked police to accompany them to an East Main Street residence to speak to a woman about making phone calls to someone in Buckeye Lake.

• Oct. 6: Police responded to a hold-up alarm at Park National Bank. It was accidentally tripped.

• Oct. 7: A Kelly Court resident reported a missing juvenile at midnight. She said her 16-year-old son worked at Wendy’s in Buckeye Lake and was picked up from work by his father. They got into an argument on the way home and the son was allegedly told to get out of the vehicle. He did and his father returned home. Police searched for him and when he didn’t turn up entered his information into LEADS.

• Oct. 7: Police arrested the missing juvenile on a probation violation after he returned home to change clothes. His mother called police as he left again on his bike. He was arrested without incident and turned over to juvenile probation officers.

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