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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• April 9: Officerwas asked to accompany a repossession agent.

• April 9: Officerwas called to the scene of an attempted suicide. The person, who tried to kill herself with a knife, was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital.

• April 9: A West 1st Street woman reported someone stole her son’s bicycle.

• April 10: Officerstopped a weaving vehicle shortly after it left Scooter’s Bar. Several of the car’s lights were out and its license plates belonged to another vehicle. The driver, a Zanesville woman, was found to be under the influence of alcohol and charged with OVI, malfunctioning headlights, and fictitious tags.

• April 10: A Beacon Light Lane woman reported someone pried open a door and removed several items.

• April 10: A Renner Street woman said her live-in boyfriend assaulted her.

• April 11: Officerassisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a BAC test.

• April 11: Officerwas called to a scene of a fight, which was reported after it was over. One of the people involved was advised to filea report after he sobered up.

• April 11: The Ohio State Highway Patrol requested Buckeye Lake Police watch for a reckless driver on I-70. None was seen.

• April 11: A Cliff Street resident was playing a stereo loudly and was advised to turn it down.

• April 11: Police assisted Hebron Police on a domestic violence call.

• April 11: Police arrested a Leroy Street resident wanted on a warrant.

• April 11: A West 1st Street man said his ex-landlord’s son was verbally abusing him. There were no charges pressed at that time.

• April 11: A West 2nd Street man reported a suspicious abandoned vehicle.

• April 12: A Highland Ave. woman said someone broke into her property and removed several items.

• April 13: Police assisted Hebron Police with an alarm drop at Buckeye Outdoors.

• April 13: Police were informed of a hang-up 911 call from a Buckeye Lake residence. Resident said his children were playing with the phone and must have called inadvertently.


• March 3: A Maple Avenue resident reported receiving phone calls from a known woman about her boyfriend. She wanted the calls to stop. Both women were advised not to call each other.

• March 3: Police responded to a hold-up alarm drop at Park National Bank. It was accidentally tripped.

• March 3: A Hamilton Avenue woman reported tha t aman had walked past her house several times this week. He seemed “strange.” Police said they would check the area frequently.

• March 3: A Forest Ridge resident reported that her broom was broken and found laying on her patio furniture. She suspected that her sister’s Buckeye Lake boyfriend was responsible. Police spoke with him and he denied ever being at her house. He was advised to stay away.

• March 3: A Westview Drive woman called at 9:35 p.m. to report being locked out. She was able to climb through a bathroom window while police stood by.

• March 4: Buckeye Lake Police passed on a report of a woman with two St. Bernard dogs walking along Ohio 79 near U.S. 40. One dog was reported to be injured. Police didn’t find a woman or any dogs.


• April 1: Police took a hit skip accident report that caused property damage at 12075 Lecrone Avenue.

• April 2: Police took a report of property damage on Friend Street. The victim’s car was keyed from front to rear.

• April 2: Police checked out a suspicious car at 12280 Lancaster St. The car checked out OK.

• April 2: Police were called to an argument over a storage unit on Lancaster Street. Everyone except the owner of the storage unit was instructed to leave.

• April 3: Police assisted Fairfield County Sheriff’s Officeon an alarm drop on North Bank. Everything was OK.

• April 3: A motorist was issued a warning for speed on Lancaster Street at Lynn Avenue.

• April 3: Officerschecked out a suspicious person in a storage unit on Lancaster Street. The subject checked out OK and was the owner of the unit.

• April 4: Police assisted Fairfield County Sheriff Officeon a burglary scene on Lancaster St. The suspect allegedly broke into the house and took a bottle of prescription medication from the residence. The suspect turned out to be the victim’s brother and was arrested and taken to the FairfieldCounty Jail by deputies the next day.

• April 4: Officers issued a warning for traffic violation on Lancaster Street, north of Lynn Avenue.

• April 4: Police checked out two suspicious vehicles on the Millersport High School lot. Their license plates numbers were noted.

• April 11: Police checked out a suspicious vehicle at the Laundromat on Lancaster Street at Lynn Avenue. It checked out OK.

• April 12: Police were advised of an open door at Millersport High School. Police found two open doors, but the building checked OK.

• April 14: Police responded with medics to 12488 Lancaster Street on a report of a non-responsive man. The man was pronounced dead at the scene from a possible heart attack.


• March 23: A W. Columbus Street woman was cited for a dog at large.

• March 25: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a drunk driver.

• March 25: Police cited a Logan man for no operator’s license and exceeding the speed limit by 17 mph.

• March 25: A Pataskala man was charged for driving 16 mph over the limit.

• March 25 – Police took fivereports of “passing bad checks” at Firehouse Pizza. All were charged, three showed up for court and paid restitution, as well as fines and court costs. Warrants will be issued for the other two.

• March 25: Police took a report of 2 dogs at large on W. Columbus St. A Thornville woman was cited for the dogs at large after numerous warnings.

• March 26: A Thornville man was warned for speeding and issued a citation for no seat belt.

• March 26: A Glenford woman was charged for failing to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle.

• March 26: A Lancaster woman was cited for a traffic light violation in downtown.

• March 27: Police took a report of a stolen vehicle. Police were able to arrest the person responsible and return the car.

• March 28: A Thornville man was charged for exceeding the speed limit by 18 mph. • March 28 – Police took a report from a Foster Drive resident about all 4 tires being slashed on her vehicle.

• March 28: Police took a report of breaking and entering to the old hardware building at 6 S. Main St. Police boarded up the property, and have suspects.

• March 28 – Police cited a Columbus man for 16 mph over the limit.

• March 29: Police cited a Lancaster man for exceeding the speed limit by 12 mph in a residential area.

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