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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


+ April 30: Police responded to an alarm drop at a Basil Western Road building. Everything checked OK.

+ April 30: Police responded with a sheriff’s officeunit to an alarm drop on Main Street in Thurston.

+ April 30: A Fairview Avenue resident was advised about loud music.

+ May 1: Police served a trespass order at a North High Street address.

+ May 2: Police advised a Creekview Drive dog owner that the animal was running free.

+ May 2: A motorist locked out of a vehicle on Washington Street was assisted by police. Entry was gained.

+ May 2: Police assisted a sheriff’s officeunit at a verbal argument on Bickel Church Road.

+ May 2: Police recovered stolen property on George Street.

+ May 3: A vehicle was towed for a parking violation on North Basil Street.

+ May 4: Police took a report about a theft on Huntwork Street.

+ May 4: A driver was cited following a crash on South Main Street.

+ May 5: Police advised a West Fairview Avenue dog owner.

Hebron Editor’s Note: Hebon Police reports are always available to The Beacon. Their recent absence is due to a lack of space and time to collect them.

+ April 1: A motorist reported a lawn mower being driven in the roadway on East Main Street at 7:48 p.m. Police didn’t findthe mower.

+ April 2: A manager at the Kroger store stopped a Hebron woman who had paid $5.11 for merchandise in the self-service checkout lane. The items in her bag totalled $68.33. She also allegedly admitted to the theft from Wal-Mart of several makeup items found in her purse. Police discovered she had $102 in cash in her purse. She told police she knew stealing was wrong, but she just couldn’t stop. She was charged with misdemeanor theft and taken to jail.

+ April 3: Police on patrol at 2:05 a.m. heard loud noise coming from a Maple Avenue home. They were advised to keep it down.

+ April 4: Police cited a driver for a stop sign violation on South High Street at Ohio 79.

+ April 4: Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute on Hebron Road. A live-in boyfriend was asked to leave for the night by his girlfriend. He left with his mother.

+ April 5: Police were called about a domestic dispute at a Hebron Road home. A woman there said a man got angry during a verbal argument and chocked here. She said he then grabbed a knife and threatened to stab himself. She said he then jumped into a van and backed out of the driveway, hitting a vehicle on Hebron Road. The man told police the woman struck him in the eye. He allegedly admitted to grabbing the knife for attention. Police didn’t make any arrests on the domestic incident due to conflicting statements from witnesses and the lack of any injuries. The man was cited for driving under suspension and reckless operation for the crash.

+ April 5: A Forest Ridge Drive man told police his ex-brother-in-law stole his identity and has been using it since 1983. That’s not a typo.

+ April 6: Police on patrol at 3:07 a.m. saw lights on the the basement of the Hebron Christian Church. Police saw two people inside through a window. They were there for a 24- hour prayer vigil for Easter.

+ April 6: A Lake Forest Drive man complained to an officerstopped on South High Street about his exwife harassing him via direct connect on his cell phone. He turned his cell on speaker and the officeheard a woman cursing him. He wanted police to document the incident.

+ April 6: Police contacted a former Heritage Sportswear employee that allegedly made several indirect threats to company management. He was advised not to return .

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