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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Feb. 24: Police responded to a possible burglary at a Hebron Road residence. A male caller believed someone was trying to break in his apartment. No signs of forced entry. Possible mental health issue.

• Feb. 25: A male subject who had called about a possible burglary at his residence the day before had walked into the police station stating he thought everyone was out to get him and kill him. He did not feel safe at home. He said he had thoughts of hurting himself earlier in the day. He was taken to Licking Memorial for a psychology evaluation.

• Feb. 25: A driver was cited with a speeding violation.

• Feb. 25: Police were dispatched to a Union Avenue residence on report of a cell phone theft. The caller stated that her daughter left her cell phone on the dryer at this residence. She claimed that a male and female had come to the residence to borrow a vacuum cleaner. Later she discovered the phone was missing. No one saw the two individuals pick up the phone, but she thinks that the male stole the phone. Police were unable to make contact with the male subject.

• Feb. 25: Police responded to call on Walnut Road which turned out to be a civil matter. The female did return the items requested and male was told to stay away. He agreed and left.

• Feb. 26: Police received call from a Walnut Road male who wanted to file a report against an acquaintance of his girlfriend, who keeps showing up at her house and harassing the entire household. The subject had been told to stay away. No threats were made, so a courtesy report was made, charges of trespassing may be filed against the subject.

• Feb. 26: Police responded to a call of possible menacing. The male and his 13 year old daughter stated the daughter’s biological mother will not quit calling the daughter despite both the ex husband and daughter telling her to quit. Mother was not awarded custody and no visitation.

• Feb. 26: Police were dispatched to a West 7th Street residence for a possible domestic dispute. The couple had gotten into a fight and the male was just trying to get his belongings from the residence and move out. The female wanted him out, but didn’t want him to get his personal belongings. Police stood by while the male removed his property from the residence.

• Feb. 28: A driver was cited for driving under a suspended license.

• Feb. 28: Police responded to complaint from Walnut Road male that his ex-brother-in-law showed up at the his place of employment and started to harass him over some past issues. After police contacted the suspect he was advised to cease and desist his actions and he complied. A bar slip was then issued to the subject barring him from the property.

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