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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Feb. 3: Police responded to a report of a suspicious person in McDonalds. Upon arrival police spoke with a couple of employees who stated a female had been in the night before and was sleeping in the store. The female was allegedly told by the LC Sheriff’s Office that she was not to return, however she came back the following day. Police spoke with the female who stated that she had not been told that she could not come on the property and she also stated LC Sheriff’s Office. was not even there when she was. She was issued and signed a bar slip.

• Feb. 3: Police were called to investigate a complaint on Myers Ave. Caller believes that someone is spraying some type of chemical around the base of his house as well as his couch. Police were unable to locate anything. Subject may have a mental health issue.

• Feb. 6: Police responded to a disturbance near Cliff St. Upon arrival were advised that all parties had separated and left the area.

• Feb. 6: Police were called to Hebron Road address on a report that a piece of equipment from behind the building used to monitor gas line pressure was missing.

• Feb. 8: A driver was cited for traveling 49 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Feb. 8: Police responded to complaint of a juvenile with a large hunting knife in front of the library. Upon arrival in the area police located the juvenile and determined that the large knife was in fact a plastic child’s toy. The toy was taken to the child’s mother so that no other calls would be received.

• Feb. 9: Police observed a female violating a protection order that had been placed against her, She was arrested and charged with the violation of the protection order.

• Feb. 13: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation, and expired tags.

• Feb. 13: Police responded to a vandalism complaint on Stewart Ave. Upon arrival an unknown person(s) had caused damage to a gas service line while attempting to hook up a natural gas line illegally.

• Feb. 13: Police were called to McDonalds for a welfare check. Upon arrival the female subject explained that she had just went through a traumatic situation the day before and was on some medications that were making her sick. She was advised to go back to her hotel room.

• Feb. 14: A driver was cited for a crosswalk violation and expired tags.

• Feb, 14: Police responded to complaint from a Walnut Rd. resident of a person acting suspicious with a possible gun. Upon arrived the subject’s gun was an air soft gun.

• Feb 20: Police responded to a non-injury accident on Walnut Rd. Upon arrival found a utility pole had been struck by a semi truck. The truck involved in the accident was found at the North Shore State Park. The driver did not need medical treatment, but was taken for a drug/tox screen by his company per requirements. A citation was issued for failure to control his motor vehicle.

• Feb. 20: Police received a complaint about the theft of a can of beer. Clerk was able to describe the subject’s vehicle. Police located the subject in question who openly admitted to taking the can of beer without paying for it. A summons was issued for the theft.

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