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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• June 6: Police assisted Licking County Sheriff’s Office on a man with a knife who entered his place of work in the industrial park on Hebron Road and kicked a door in. The subject was detained without incident.

• June 6: Police responded to a complaint from an Anchors Way resident regarding a young red-headed individual attempting to sell magazines door-to-door. The resident said she had read on Facebook that some Perry County residents have become victims of theft during these sales visits. The officer contacted the Perry County Sheriff’s Office and confirmed that there was an arrest made the previous day involving a theft of a credit card.

• June 7: Police located and arrested a man on Renner Street for a warrant out of Hebron. The subject was transported to the Hebron Police Department.

• June 11: Police were dispatched to Central Avenue on a report of a suspicious person in the area. They located a male and female sitting in the backyard talking and smoking cigarettes. The house was vacant and both were advised to leave the property.

• June 11: Police were dispatched to Buckeye Lake Estates on a report of loud music in the area. They were unable to locate the source but believed it could be from Fairfield County.

• June 11: Police responded to the 4700 block of Walnut Road on a report of a suspicious person in the woods. The caller complained that they believed a man was running naked in the woods. Police located a man crouched down in the woods with no clothes on. The subject was placed in the cruiser and arrested for public indecency and disorderly conduct.

• June 11: Police on patrol at the West side of the village clocked a driver traveling 49 mph in a 35 mph zone. The driver had a good attitude but argued the speed.

• June 11: Police were dispatched to the KOA Campground for a man asleep on a picnic table. The subject stated that he had been out drinking and couldn’t find the right camper. He had knocked on the wrong door and then fell asleep. Police assisted the man to the right location and he called his wife. He was staying with a family member. Park management expressed reservations about the couple staying. Police advised it was up to park management.

• June 11: Police responded to a complaint from a Lake Drive resident that someone had been entering the home and taking items. The residents were unsure of who it was and what had been taken. The investigation is ongoing.

• June 11: Police were dispatched to the KOA to investigate a complaint of an issue between two campers. Neither camper wanted to press charges. A courtesy report was made for the owner of KOA.

• June 11: While running radar in the West end of the village police clocked a driver for traveling 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. The driver had a fair attitude and was given a citation.

• June 11: Police responded to a Seymour Avenue residence. The complainant said her ex-boyfriend took some of her private property while he was taking possession of his car that she had. The boyfriend was contacted and agreed to return the resident’s property to her father.

• June 11: Police were dispatched to a Seventh Street residence on a report of attempted suicide. Upon arrival, police spoke with the complainant and then with his father. The story changed several times from the complaint that he was sucking on a hose attached to the exhaust … to the complaint he had a rag in the exhaust … to the complaint that a rage was laying on the ground by the car. When the subject was located, he was found in his residence and in bed asleep. The subject’s one son agreed to spend the night with his father to ensure nothing happened.

• June 12: Police responded to a female resident of Lake View Drive. She stated that a former boyfriend was stocking her and requested the police check her residence prior to her entering it by herself. A check was made of the residence and no one was found.

• June 12: Police were dispatched to a Neel Avenue residence to assist the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

• June 12: Police located and arrested a man on Grandstaff for a warrant out of Hebron. The subject, a Heath resident, was turned over to Hebron Police.

• June 13: Police responded to a Walnut Road address on a complaint of menacing. The female resident who was extremely intoxicated wanted a male subject removed from her property. She stated that he had been threatening her. When asked if she wanted to file charges, she stated she wanted the officers off her property and she wanted the subject removed. Police took the subject to the police department where he called a cab.

• June 13: While on patrol along Hebron Road, police cited a female driver for traveling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone.

• June 13: Police were on patrol while parked at the vacant Valero gas station and observed a silver Honda traveling over the posted speed limit. After confirming the speed with a visual estimation, the radar unit confirmed a 49 mph speed. The 28-year-old female driver was found to be under a License Forfeiture and was issued a citation for the suspension and a warning for the speed.

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