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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• June 5: Police were dispatched to a Hebron Road address on a complaint of two small juveniles walking in the area. The juveniles were located in the area of Walnut Road. The parents were located and advised on the situation.

• June 7: Police were dispatched twice within an hour to the Mill Dam/Hebron Road area on a report of an impaired driver with a gray van and gray trailer. Police were unable to locate the driver.

• June 7: Police issued a verbal warning to a driver on Hebron Road and Walnut Road for a rolling stop.

• June 7: Police were advised of a 9-1-1 open line with a male talking about the skate park. Two young juveniles were located including a 15-year-old boy from Newark. He said his phone sometimes does what it wants and confirmed it was his number in question.

• June 7: Police were dispatched to assist Hebron Police with a combative male who was fighting with officers. The subject was potentially on drugs.

• June 8: While on patrol, police located a stolen vehicle in Leisure Village. A male subject stated he picked up the truck from the owner that morning to work on it. Upon contacting the owner, he stated that his truck had been returned and he had failed to report its return. He confirmed that the male subject had permission to use his truck.

• June 8: Police received a complaint from a Walnut Road resident that she lost her dog in the area of the Duke Station. Someone took the dog to Petplex Animal Hospital trying to locate the owner. Petplex employees did not have information on the individual who found the dog. She was advised it was two younger men but no vehicle description. The dog warden was advised and the dog owner was advised to list the lost dog on social media.

• June 9: While on patrol, police located a few juveniles at Hebron Road and Walnut Road. They were out past curfew and were supposed to be camping. Parents and guardians were notified.

• June 9: Police issued a citation to a Kroger semi-truck for a U-turn at the traffic light at Mill Dam Road. The driver was Southbound on Ohio 79/Hebron Road and after the turn was heading Northbound. The driver said he didn’t know where to turn around to get back on I-70. He became a little upset as the officer was explaining his court date and options to contest the citation. The driver said he would be in Gana (sic) on that date. After another attempt in explaining the court procedure, the driver acted like he did not hear or could not understand. The driver signed the citation, received a copy and was released from the scene.

• June 9: Police were dispatched for a wellness check at a First Street address. The female stated she had been depressed but didn’t want to hurt herself. She had told her mental health worker she was upset. She checked out okay.

• June 9: A complainant arrived at the police department to report possible abuse of his kids by their mother. The mother lives in Newark so he was advised to contact the Newark Police and Children Services to make reports. The complainant wanted this documentation because he lives at the lake and wants a report for court purposes.

• June 10: Police were dispatched to Leisure Village to investigate a disturbance. A couple in their 30s were having a verbal dispute. The male subject elected to leave and come back with his sister to collect his belongings since he was on foot and could not carry it all.

When he returned, he became argumentative with the officer and was advised he would be arrested if he did not cease his actions. The male subject got into his sister’s car. The officer spoke with the sister to explain the court process but she refused to listen. The sister wanted the officer to enter the residence and seize a minor child and remove her from the home. The officer explained that would not happen. The subject and his sister immediately requested to speak to the officer’s supervisor. The officer explained, “With me being the only officer on duty that would be me.” They then started demanding that the officer summon a deputy to the scene. At this time, the officer summoned another BLPD officer who was on station but not on duty to the scene. The second officer tried to reason with the sister. Both subjects became rude and obnoxious and finally left the area without further incident.

• June 10: Police cited a driver on Walnut Road for traveling 46 MPH in a 35 MPH zone.

• June 10: Police were dispatched to I-70 at SR 79 to check up on a Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper who was on a traffic stop and not answering his radio. The trooper checked okay.

• June 10: Police were dispatched to an alarm drop at Donatos. False alarm by Sysco food delivery driver.

• June 10: Police issued a citation for speed to a driver traveling 46 MPH in a 35 MPH zone.

• June 10: Police were dispatched to Leisure Village to investigate a 9-1-1 hang up call. The resident discovered he had pocket dialed 9-1-1.

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