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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• May 25: Police were dispatched to the Motel 6 on a civil matter regarding money owed to the motel from a customer.

• May 25: Police responded to Leisure Village on a civil standby so the complainant could obtain her property from the residence.

• May 25: Police were dispatched to a West 7th Street residence on a report of loud music. Police made contact with the owner who was advised to turn the music down.

• May 25: Police issued a warning to a 17-year-old male for speed on Walnut Road.

• May 28: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department on a call involving a minor having behavioral health issues.

• May 28: Police cited a Thornville woman for traveling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone on Walnut Road.

• May 28: Police were dispatched to assist an officer from Licking County Sheriff’s office with a possible domestic on the lake in front of Papa Boo’s. Upon arrival, a check of the area including the lake was made and no domestic was found.

• May 28: Police were dispatched to assist a deputy from Licking County Sheriff’s office in locating a motorcyclist on Mill Dam Road. No motorcyclist was located, however, the police provided a courtesy ride to the Duke and Duchess for a female walker who was crying. Upon arrival, the subject from Mill Dam Road was located pushing his moped that had run out of gas. Advised the sheriff’s office and cleared the call.

• May 28: Police made a traffic stop and issued a warning to a driver with a fair attitude regarding a speed violation on Walnut Road.

• May 28: While on patrol on the west side of the village, police cited a male driver for traveling 47 in a 35 mph zone. The driver insisted that the officer contact the police chief to talk to him. He stated he was the chief’s friend and asked several times if he could receive a warning. The driver had a bad attitude.

• May 28: While running radar on the north side of the village, police cited an 18-year-old driver for traveling 63 mph in a 35 mph zone on Mill Dam Road. The driver had a fair attitude about his third speeding violation in the last five months.

• May 28: Police were dispatched to a Central Avenue residence to check on an individual and address an issue that has been ongoing. The officer was told that the texts had begun again from a prior issue which was thought to be resolved. Police took a report and pledged to contact the prosecutor’s office and inform the other shifts to keep a close eye on the residence. Investigation is still open.

• May 28: Police issued a warning to a 60-year-old female driver regarding a stop sign violation. The driver had a good attitude.

• May 28: While on patrol at the intersection of Mill Dam Road and SR 79, police observed a passing driver so they ran the plates. The information came back as a license suspension; listed as failure to reinstate. Police initiated a traffic stop and cited the driver for the violation. She was advised to get a valid driver to drive her car home. The driver had a better than expected attitude.

• May 28: Police responded to Leisure Village on a report of a missing five-year-old boy. The child had been missing for 45 minutes. Upon arrival, police were gathering information when the child arrived back at his home. He reported that he had been at his friend’s house.

• May 28: Police were called to the Duke Station to investigate a report of a suspicious person. Upon arrival, police located a truck setting next to the air pump with all the doors open. Police made contact with the female occupant who was sleeping in the passenger seat. She appeared to be okay and not under the influence, just tired.

• May 28: Police were dispatched to assist a deputy from Licking County Sheriff’s office with a domestic at the Red Roof Inn on Lancaster Road, involving a possible assault.

• May 30: Police responded to a call from Leisure Village from a resident who found a needle outside of his home a few days earlier. He wanted to turn it in. After an inspection of the needle, there were no visible signs of drugs inside the needle.

• May 31: Police were dispatched to assist Licking County Sheriff’s office in locating a female walking on Mill Dam Road acting strange. The subject was located who appeared to have some mental issues. The sheriff’s deputy gave her a ride back to her residence.

• May 31: Police were dispatched to a Walnut Road address to assist a Fairfield County Probation Officer in locating a female who failed to report. The subject was located. While doing a search, police found small amounts of marijuana, pills and drug paraphernalia.

• May 31: Police responded to Leisure Village on a report of an assault. The complainant stated that an individual had reported to him that he saw a seven-yearold neighbor boy with his head around the private area of the complainant’s five-year-old son. The police interviewed the witness who stated he didn’t see anything sexual but wanted to let the father know what he had seen. After interviewing the children, it was determined that the older boy had punched the younger boy in the private area. Both parents were advised to keep the boys away from each other. Children services were advised but due to the ages of the boys and since nothing had appeared to happen, there would be no case opened.

• May 31: Police were dispatched to a Hebron Road address to check on a 911 hang up call. Police made contact with the resident and were advised it was a pocket call.

• May 31: Police were dispatched to the North Shore Boat Ramp to shut down the boat ramp and check on a missing kayaker. While doing so, a female approached the officer and stated she had been separated from her husband and was determined to be the missing person. Dispatch was advised and she met up with her husband.

Both stated that they had been separated. The current from the water was so strong, both lost sight of each other and made it to shore.

Editor’s note: A Cranberry resident provided additional information about this incident: This older Granville couple were disappointed to see that the wind was so strong when they arrived at the North Shore to launch their kayaks. They were advised it would be safer to paddle around Crane Lake to avoid the strong wind and current.

However, they missed the left turn under the small bridge. At that point, the wife’s kayak took her halfway down into Cranberry Bay while her husband headed out into the main lake but turned back because of the strong wind. They both lost sight of one another.

When the wife saw a resident working on his dock, she was able to slow down and grab the dock post and hang on. The dock owner and his wife helped get the woman and her kayak up onto the dock. She was exhausted. They advised her that she wouldn’t be able to paddle against the current to return to North Shore. The female resident drove the kayaker back to the North Shore.

In the meantime, a young man who feared the kayaker may have drowned was quickly searching the shoreline by foot from the North Shore down into Cranberry Bay until he saw her kayak on the dock so he immediately went down to speak to the dock owner. He was told there was no drowning and that the kayaker was driven back to the North Shore. The Granville couple said they were required to give a report of the incident to park officers.

Afterwards, they returned to Cranberry Bay to pick up their other kayak. Needless to say the couple was very relieved to be reunited and were grateful for the assistance. Both kayakers had life jackets which is a good reminder and lesson for everyone. The lake conditions can change rapidly so always remember your life jacket and don’t boat alone.

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