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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Apr. 8: Police were dispatched to Z’s Village Market on Walnut Road on a suspicious vehicle left in the parking lot. The vehicle had two flat tires and the tags came back to a Harbor Hills resident. Police contacted the owner and advised that he should have the car towed by 5:00 p.m.

• April 8: Police were running radar while sitting at Hunts Landing Road and observed a driver traveling at a rate of speed that appeared to be over the posted limit of 35 mph. The female driver was clocked and cited for going 47 mph. The driver was very upset. She would not allow the police to finish advising her of her right to contest her citation and other court information. This was the driver’s second violation in the last twelve months, therefore the charge was bumped up to a M-4. The driver signed the citation and threw all the paperwork into her car. As the police were returned to the cruiser, the driver exited her vehicle and stated, “So, how do you like your speed trap?” The police told her they do not have a speed trap as it would require two cars to do that and this officer is the only car out on this date.

• Apr. 8: Police were called to Wendy’s Restaurant in response to a suicide attempt. The caller said he was told by the male subject that he wanted to die. Upon arrival, police spoke with the subject who was homeless.

He stated he does not care if he lives or dies. The subject also reported that he consumed 15 Xanax along with some alcohol. Due to his mental state, BLFD was called to transport the subject to LMH for an evaluation.

• Apr. 8: Police responded to a Park Street residence on a complaint of harassing phone calls.

• Apr. 8: Police were dispatched to a Myers Avenue residence to investigate a complaint of someone on the property. The property owner requested a check of the area.

• Apr. 8: Police responded to a Cliff Street residence on a complaint of suspicious activity on snap chat. It was determined that a report was already taken on the incident the previous day.

• Apr. 8: Police stopped a driver on Walnut Road at Hilton Road. The driver was cited for no tag, no validation sticker and illegal plates.

• Apr. 10: Police were dispatched to assist county fire on Highland. Upon arrival, police made contact with the Hebron squad on the scene. They advised they were not comfortable with some family members. Police did stand-by until squad transported without incident.

• Apr. 10: Police cited a driver on Mill Dam Road with going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone and expired license. The female driver had a Heath address.

• Apr. 10: Police cited a driver on Walnut Road for traveling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone. The male driver was a resident of Newark.

• Apr. 10: Police cited a female driver from Pickerington for traveling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Apr. 10: Police were called to a Seymour address where the female resident stated she found a strong box on her property that had been forced open. She wanted to turn it over to police. The property was taken into custody.

• Apr. 10: Police responded to a call from a Leisure Village resident on a report of a stolen phone. The caller stated that person(s) unknown took his phone from his residence while he was at home asleep and his door was unlocked. A report was taken on the theft of the phone. A short time later, the caller contacted the police department and stated that he had found the phone in the couch on which he had been sleeping

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