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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Apr. 4: Police were dispatched to a W. Third Street residence to check on a 911 hang-up call. The residents said that the children were playing on the phone.

• Apr. 4: Police cited a driver for traveling 64 mph in a 35 mph zone on Walnut Road. The Thurston driver had two other possible addresses: Cambridge and Lancaster.

• Apr. 4: Police were dispatched to investigate a report of a suspicious person in the area of the Duke Gas Station and McDonalds Restaurant. The female subject was seen walking back and forth between the two establishments asking people for money. She was wearing a grey sweater and her hair was up in a bun. Upon arrival, a check was made of the area and police spoke with a McDonalds employee who stated that the subject had left the area.

• Apr. 5: Police cited a driver for going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone on Walnut Road.

• Apr. 5: Police received a complaint from the Econo Lodge about a suspicious vehicle blocking their dumpster. After running the license plate, the desk clerk stated it was a customer who had rented a room. The customer was located and advised to move the vehicle so the dumpster could be accessed.

• Apr. 5: A female driver was cited for going 46 mph in a 35 mph zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Apr. 5: Another female driver was cited for going 46 mph in a 35 mph zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Apr. 5: Police responded to a complaint from a Union Avenue resident of a hit-skip accident. The complainant reported that a red Mac truck and trailer made the turn from East Street onto Union Avenue the wrong way and ran over two stop signs that were in his yard and left tire marks in the grass. He also stated that the semi-truck went all the way down Union Avenue the wrong way. Police were unable to locate the vehicle. The village street department were advised of the sign damage.

• Apr. 5: Police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle from a Lake Street resident. The 2008 Ford Escape was recovered at the Dollar General parking lot. At the time of the report, no suspects were identified.

• Apr. 5: Police took a theft report from a Leisure Village resident. The victim stated that the pole to her portable basketball hoop was stolen by the neighbor. It was determined that a couple of kids took it over to the neighbor’s lot to play and the neighbor was asked to hold on to the pole until the juvenile owner gets it back. The victim stated that she talked to the male subject and he told her that the item was scrapped. Police spoke with the male and he returned the item to the victim. No charges filed.

• Apr. 5: A Thornville resident requested the police to do a wellness check on her client residing at Buckeye Lake Estates. It was reported that the subject suffered from mental issues, hallucinations and had been acting strange. The police and squad personnel spoke with the subject who appeared to be okay. The subject’s friend stated that there was a gun at the residence. The subject gave police permission to allow the friend to take temporary possession of the gun. The subject was advised he could have his gun back once he was feeling okay.

• Apr. 6: Police cited a driver for going 49 mph in a 35 mph zone on Hebron Road at Highland Avenue.

• Apr. 6: Police responded to a report of a suicide attempt in Leisure Village. The male subject was unconscious upon arrival by the officer. The caller reported that the subject had taken numerous pills. He kept falling asleep and then trying to stand up and fall. The caller stated that he was trying to hurt himself. Medics were called to the scene and determined he needed to be transported to the hospital. He was transported to LMH.

• Apr. 6: Police cited a driver with speed for going 46 mph in a 35 mph zone on Hebron Road.

• Apr. 6: Police were dispatched to a Lancaster Road address to assist Union Township Police and units from the Licking County Sheriff’s office on a person holding a pregnant woman hostage. There was a gun involved. Police located the detained suspects, found ammo and several needles along with other drug paraphernalia including scales.

• Apr. 7: Police cited a driver for going 47 mph in a 35 mph zone on Hebron Road.

• Apr. 7: Police responded to a tip that an individual with an outstanding warrant was staying at the local motel. After confirming the warrant was still active, police located the subject and took her into custody. She was turned over to Hebron Police Department since the warrant was out of Hebron.

• Apr. 7: Police cited a Leroy Street resident while driving on Mill Dam for inadequate headlights.

• Apr. 8: While on patrol, police ran a temporary tag on a driver on Mill Dam Road. It came back as a possible stolen vehicle. The Licking County Sheriff’s office advised that it was a partial hit. Advised.

• Apr. 8: Police initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Mill Dam and SR79 for a driver who ran the traffic light. The driver was issued a citation for the red light violation. He stated he was not aware of the light because he was distracted while trying to locate a hotel in the area.

• Apr. 8: Police cited a driver for a red light violation. The driver had a good attitude.

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