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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Mar. 31: Police were advised of a man sitting on a bench at Donato’s Pizza. The male subject stated that he had no place to go and he was trying to stay out of the rain. Police took the homeless man to McDonalds and bought him some food.

• Mar. 31: Police were requested by the Licking County Sheriff’s office to deliver a message to a resident on W. Third that a certain individual was being released from the Licking County Justice Center. Message delivered.

• Mar. 31: Police on patrol made a traffic stop on Walnut Road and issued a citation for driving under suspension – and seat belt violation.

• Apr. 1: Police were pulling out of the village parking lot when they noticed an erratic driver crossing the center line and swerving off the right side of the road and also driving down the center of two lanes up Rt.79. The subject did not respond to the police activating the overhead lights or chirping the siren. The driver tore down Mill Dam Road and began to speed up blowing the three-way stop at Mill Dam and Hunts Landing. The driver took off at a high rate of speed for 27 miles. The State Highway Patrol used spike strips and blew the front tires out. The subject bailed out of the car. The vehicle was impounded and after a few hours, the subject turned himself in at the New Lexington Police Department. Police picked him up and transported subject to the Licking County Jail for Failure to Comply (felony) and was issued traffic citations for the traffic violations.

• Apr. 1: Police were dispatched to the Duke station on a report of a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was gone prior to arrival on scene.

• Apr. 1: Police were dispatched to Leisure Village on a suspicious male around the vehicles in the overflow lot. The subject advised he was working on a camper that he just got.

• Apr. 1: Police on patrol cited a driver going 47 mph in a 35 mph zone on Walnut Road. The driver was also cited for expired tags.

• Apr. 1: Police received a complaint of a missing person. The Central Avenue resident reported that he had not seen his 20-year-old daughter since the night before. Later, the daughter phoned her father and advised that she was fine and that her phone had died and she was without a phone charger.

• Apr. 1: Police were dispatched to a Mill Dam residence on a complaint of an intoxicated male subject causing problems. Upon arrival, the situation was under control and a family friend had agreed to take the intoxicated male subject home.

• Apr. 1: While on patrol, police found a down power line across the roadway on W. Sixth Street just West of Hebron Road. They contacted AEP and county fire. AEP arrived and repaired the line.

• Apr. 2: Police were dispatched to deal with a dispute between neighbors on West Fifth Street. The complainant reported that his neighbor threatened that “he was going to pound him into the ground” and that he “was going to take his dogs in the night and harm them.” The neighbor stated that he had asked the complainant to keep his dogs quiet. There was also a complaint regarding water runoff from one yard to another. Police cited the neighbor for menacing based on the threat of bodily harm.

• Apr. 2: Police were contacted by a rental company to stand by at a Hebron Road residence while they tried to retrieve their items. There were unable to recover the items. Police contacted the resident and arranged for a time to meet.

• Apr. 2: Police stopped a driver on Mill Dam Road for a sticker violation. The driver stated she had been working a lot and forgot to renew the tag which expired two days earlier. The driver had a very good attitude and agreed to renew the tags the next day. Police issued a warning.

• Apr. 2: Police were contacted by a mother who stated that her daughter had a warrant for her arrest for a probation violation. Police located the subject at a W. Seventh Street address, took her into custody and waited for transport. She was transported to the Lancaster detention center.

• Apr. 2: Police stopped a driver on Mill Dam Road for a stop light violation but then received a dispatch to another call. The driver had a very good attitude and received a warning.

• Apr. 2: Police were dispatched to a Worth Drive residence for a D.O.A. Police took a death report.

• Apr. 3: Police issued a citation to a Leisure Village resident for driving 46 mph in a 35 mph zone on Walnut Road.

• Apr. 3: Police issued a citation to a Minnesota driver on Walnut Road for driving 49 mph in a 35 mph.

• Apr. 3: Police responded to a complaint of vandalism at Leisure Village. The complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend cut up her underwear and damaged a few other items in the residence. She did not want to file a report but wanted the police to be aware in the event there were future incidents. Police requested that she write a voluntary statement indicating that she did not want a report at this time. She complied.

• Apr. 4: Police responded to a civil issue on W. 7th Street. The complainant said she broke up with her ex-boyfriend and that he took a car that was registered to her and left for Columbus. She stated she was going to sign the car over to him. The boyfriend stated that his ex-girlfriend stole his wallet and took the car. The village solicitor advised the police that the complainant would need to report the car stolen in Columbus where the incident took place. The complainant was advised.

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