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Police activity reports

Complied from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Feb. 4: A West 1st Street woman said her son, who is on probation, left home when told not to do so. He broke a fan in anger before he left. The son was located and will likely face charges.

• Feb. 8: A Newark owner of Buckeye Lake properties said one of the properties was vandalized; its door, windows and drywall were damaged.

• Feb. 15: An officerwas asked to be present at an Elliott Street residence where a man, recently separated from his wife, was removing his belongings from the house.

• Feb. 15: A Heath trucker said someone removed diesel fuel from his truck.

• Feb. 15: A North Bank woman reported two men harassed her as she drove on Walnut Road.

• Feb. 17: An officerwas dispatched to a non-injury accident at Lake Street and Central Avenue. One driver was charged with failure to yield.

• Feb. 16: A Hebron Road man called police, saying that his daughter was out of control. She was being taken to her mother’s in Newark when police arrived.

• Feb. 17: A Hebron man said several people at a Rosebraugh Circle residence threw their drinks at him. When police questioned the people at the residence, they denied the incident.

• Feb. 17: A Myers Avenue woman said a juvenile was calling and harassing her family. The woman didn’t want to press charges against the juvenile; she just wanted police to tell the juvenile to stay away.

• Feb. 17: A Park Street man reported that someone stole diesel fuel from his truck.

• Feb. 19: A Buckeye Lake Truck Stop employee reported a transient loitering around the grounds. Police identified the man and asked him to leave.

• Feb. 19: Officer assisted Hebron Police with a report of a domestic dispute.

• Feb. 19: A 2nd Street woman claimed she was a victim of domestic violence three days earlier. Officerasked her to fillout a report, which she did not do immediately.


• Feb. 15: An officeron patrol was stopped by a Main Street resident who was having problems with her teenage child. The resident was advised to fileher charges in juvenile court. The officermade a report of the incident.

• Feb. 16: Police responded to a complaint at a Main Street business. A person was asked to leave the premises and refused. Upon arrival of the officer,the person became verbally abusive and challenged the officer. The subject fought with the officer and was taken into custody with the assistance of Licking County Sheriff’s Officedeputies. During the fight, the person dislodged a skid plate from underneath the patrol car. The person was transported to the Licking County Justice Center, and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault of a peace officer,and destruction of government property.


• Feb. 14: A motorist was warned for excessive speed on Lancaster Street at Lynn Avenue.

• Feb. 14: Police checked out a suspicious person at the Lynn Avenue coin laundry at 10:30 p.m. The person was advised.

• Feb. 14: Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute at a Lancaster Street home. It was a verbal dispute and the parties were advised.

• Feb. 15: Police checked out a suspicious person and vehicle across from the post officeat 12:29 a.m. The person was getting mail ready to put in the drop box.

• Feb. 15: A shop owner called police at 2:45 a.m. after discovering an unknown individual trying to cut a catalytic converter off of a van at a shop off Lancaster Street. Police were on the scene within a minute but the suspect had fled. The attempt was unsuccessful but the van was damaged.

• Feb. 15: Police took a report on the theft of a catalytic converter sawed off a different vehicle parked in front of a Lancaster Road business.

• Feb. 16: Police were called about an intoxicated individual at a bar at Lancaster and Refugee streets. Friends had taken him home.

• Feb. 16: Police checked out a suspicious person at 11:23 p.m. at a storage unit on Lancaster Street. He checked out OK.

• Feb. 17: Police found a person sitting in a truck at Canal and 5th streets at 12:30 a.m. The vehicle had broken down and police assisted the driver.

• Feb. 17: Police stopped a white Lincoln at 2:30 a.m. when the license plates didn’t match the vehicle. It checked out OK as they plates had recently been transferred.

• Feb. 17: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff’s Officewith an intoxicated person outside a Liebs Island business. The person was picked up by a family member and taken home.

• Feb. 17: Police assisted the FairfieldCounty Sheriff’s Officeon a report of a wanted sexual offender walking along Lakeside Drive. The individual checked out OK with no warrants.

• Feb. 18: Police stopped a vehicle at 7:47 p.m. being driven by a suspect in a rash of break-ins and thefts. The suspect fledwhen the officerapproached. He was pursued on foot from Lancaster Street/Cherry Alley to 2nd Avenue/ Canal where the officerlost him due to weather conditions. Upon returning to the vehicle, police recovered a 2250 watt blue generator, several hacksaws and blades, a catalytic converter, large screwdriver and several gas cans. Items are linked to area thefts. Police impounded the vehicle and recovered stolen property. Police identified the suspect who has several outstanding warrants for his arrest. Numerous charges are pending.

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