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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Nov. 30: A Millersport man said he allowed a friend who is a Buckeye Lake resident to borrow his car and cell phone and she never returned with either of them. The friend eventually returned the car, but not the phone. The Millersport man did not want to press charges.

• Nov. 30: Police were dispatched to a Park Street residence on a a report of an assault. A woman there claimed her ex-boyfriend and his mother both punched her in the face; her eye was injured. Other family members said the incident never happened, claiming the woman punched herself in her face to substantiate her story. An investigation is pending.

• Nov. 30: A W. 5th Street woman said a man attempting to repossess her vehicle was being very unprofessional toward her and her mother.

• Nov. 30: Police identified two men who shoplifted from Z’s Village Market. The incident will be reviewed for formal charges.

• Dec. 1: Police arrested both men who allegedly shoplifted from Z’s Village Market on theft warrants and transported them to jail.

• Dec. 1: A Hebron Road man inadvertently dialed 9-1-1.

• Dec. 1: A North Valley Bank manager reported a person depositing fraudulent checks.

• Dec. 2: Two syringes were discovered behind a Buckeye Lake business. Police may know where they came from. Am investigation is pending.

• Dec. 2: A Newark man said his brother assaulted him in the Econolodge parking lot. Police are reviewing footage from hotel surveillance cameras.

• Dec. 2: Police assisted Hebron Police with a robbery at the Hebron Subway shop.

• Dec. 3: A Lynnwood Drive man said his ex-wife continues to violate a court order.

• Dec. 4: Police were dispatched to a W. 7th Street residence on a loud music complaint. The music was turned down.

• Dec. 5: A driver was cited for traveling 47 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Dec. 5: A Central Avenue man said someone stole his trailer, which was full of lawn care equipment.

• Dec. 6: A driver was cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Dec. 6: A person with mental health issues was asked to leave the McDonald’s restaurant after causing a disturbance.

• Dec. 6: Police were dispatched to a W. 1st Street residence on a report of a domestic dispute between two women. One woman was told to leave the area and the other was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital after threatening suicide.

• Dec. 6: Police were dispatched to a reported active domestic incident at a Walnut Road residence. A couple was arguing. The officer planned to take the man in the argument to jail, but the woman pleaded with the officer not to take him to jail. The man was issued a summons to appear in court for obstruction.

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