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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected area police activity reports.


• Sept. 15: Police took a theft report after a resident reported that a package had been taken from her front porch again.

• Sept. 15: A woman reported that a person at her residence was refusing to leave. Police responded and found that the person left upon hearing that police had been called.

• Sept. 16: A Mansfield resident called police about a Craigslist ad for a vehicle. The caller said he had meet with the person placing the ad and had given him $500 to hold the vehicle for him. He also received a Bill of Sale. The buyer then discovered that the person listing the vehicle did not own it and had used a fake name on the Bill of Sale. Police contacted the person who had listed the vehicle from a computer in Baltimore. Police said the person confessed to trying to scam the victim. The suspect was arrested and taken to jail.

• Sept. 16: Police took a report on an attempted burglary at a Maple Street residence.

• Sept. 18: A man called police about a male at his residence who was refusing to leave. The male was a guest of his daughter and was visiting for a week when he decided to move in. He left the home before police arrived but was found walking away from the scene. He was charged with criminal damaging to the residence and released.

• Sept. 19: A mother complained that her child was being bullied while waiting for the school bus. The school resource officer was advised and is investigating.

• Sept. 20: A woman complained about receiving calls from a person who had been advised to stop calling her. The caller told her there was nothing she could do about it. Police advised him that charges would be filed if the calls continue.

Buckeye Lake

• Sept. 15: A driver was cited for improper display of license plates.

• Sept. 15: Police were called about a fight near the North Shore Boat Ramp, but found no fight. Park visitors said they hadn’t seen a fight.

• Sept. 15: Police checked out a report of a fight near the Lakeside Diner, but couldn’t find a fight.

• Sept. 16: A Walnut Road man said he broke up with his girlfriend, who came to his house demanding her phone be returned. He told the officer he didn’t want her on his property. The girlfriend was advised.

• Sept. 16: A Hebron Road man said he was missing tools. He said neighbor kids were borrowing them but not returning them. An officer spoke with the kids and recovered some of the tools.

• Sept. 16: A Wood Street man

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