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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 17: Police assisted Hebron Police with a mentally ill person at the Best Western Inn.

• Aug. 17: Police were dispatched to an Everett Avenue residence to help a woman obtain a restraining order.

• Aug. 17: Police responded to an alarm drop at Vape on the Lake. The owner said it was accidentally tripped.

• Aug. 17: Officer responded to a complaint of an intoxicated man passed out near a village roadway. According to the report, the man was too intoxicated to sit up on his own and was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

• Aug. 17:A Walnut Road resident reported an assault by an intoxicated man. The man was charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

• Aug. 17: A Wood Street woman reported an assault, but when police arrived, according to the report, she was uncooperative and belligerent. The woman said she no longer needed an officer. No report taken.

• Aug. 17: A driver was cited for traveling 52 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• Aug. 17: A Woods Street man said a man entered his home and assaulted him. According to the report, the man also assaulted his own girlfriend. Both the Woods Street man and the girlfriend were transported to Licking Memorial Hospital. The next day, the officer asked the Woods Street man if he wished to press charges. The girlfriend arrived and threatened the Woods Street man if he pressed charges against her boyfriend. The Woods Street man decided not to press charges. However, the girlfriend was placed under arrest for intimidating a witness.

• Aug. 18: In a related mat ter, a Buckeye Lake EMT said he was dispatched to the Woods Street residence in response to the aforementioned assault. The EMT said the girlfriend reached out and grabbed his buttocks, but was told to stop. While en route to Licking Memorial Hospital, the EMT said the girlfriend completely exposed herself to the squad’s crewmembers. The EMT said she was given a blanket and told to cover herself.

• Aug. 19: A Walnut Road woman said a man, against whom she had a protection order, violated the protection order.

• Aug. 19: A Central Ave. woman called police to report two large pit bull dogs outside her house acting aggressively toward her and her family. The officer contacted the dog warden and received two more calls about the aggressive pit bulls. The officer located two dogs matching the description on Central Avenue, just past Park Street. The two dogs growled at the officer, and then ran toward him. The officer said he ran backward and drew his weapon. One of the dogs lunged at the officer, who shot a round into the dog, killing it. A neighbor who knew the dogs well captured the other one. The officer informed Chief James Hanzey of the incident and obtained statements from witnesses. The dog owners’ son was informed of the incident and showed the officer the dogs’ cages, which the son believed were locked, but dogs managed to escape. An animal control officer arrived later.

• Aug. 20: Police stopped a vehicle and cited the driver for driving under suspension and illegal display of plates, and arrested the passenger for obstruction and a warrant out of Perry County.

• Aug. 20: An Elliott Avenue man said he had a protection order against another man, which had expired. Since the protection order was no longer in place, the Elliott Avenue man said the man tried to run him off the road, but the man said the Elliott Avenue man was driving illegally. The Elliot Avenue man was not driving illegally and police suggested he seek another protection order.

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