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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Nov. 1: A Gordon Avenue woman told police that her friend’s boyfriend had taken her CD player out of her vehicle. She gave police a description of his vehicle and his address. Police recovered the CD player and returned it to her.

• Nov. 2: Police checked out a suspicious vehicle at Dollar General at 3:22 a.m. Workers were stocking the shelves.

• Nov. 2: Police checked out a report of a suspicious vehicle at the middle school at 8:45 a.m. The occupant was reported to be watching people come and go. He was advised.

• Nov. 6: Police found an open door on North Company Street. The building checked secure.

Buckeye Lake

• Dec. 12: Officerswere dispatched to a West 2nd Street residence on a domestic violence incident between a mother and her daughter-in-law. Police broke up the altercation, only to findthe mother had a warrant for her arrest out of Georgia.

• Dec. 13: A Highland Avenue man reported that someone was calling him and threatening to rape and kill his daughter. The person coincidentally called while the officerwas at the scene. The person was advised not to call again.

• Dec. 13: A Thornville man reported that someone stole tires and rims he was carrying in the bed of his truck.

• Dec. 14: Parents brought their juvenile son back to Albanese’s IGA where he stole a candy bar. No charges were filed, but the juvenile was barred from the store.

• Dec. 14: Several people complained about an intoxicated woman causing problems at the Buckeye Lake Truck Stop. An officerdrove the woman home and advised her to stay there until she was sober. Shortly, she was seen trying to stop cars on Ohio 79. She was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication, and transported to jail.

• Dec. 16: A Bay View Drive woman said her neighbor’s gazebo blew onto her property during a wind storm.

• Dec. 16: An officerwas advised of a possible drunk driver on I-70, but none was located.

• Dec. 16: An Elliot Street man reported his license plates were stolen from his vehicle.

• Dec. 18: Officershad a warrant for the arrest of a Central Avenue man, stemming from a felonious assault charge Dec. 3. They found the man in his vehicle with his girlfriend. The officersfound no weapons on the man when they arrested him, but they did findhis girlfriend in possession of a gun. She said he placed the gun behind her when the officers approached their vehicle. The man was transported to jail.


• Nov. 7: Police responded to a 9-1-1 open line from the coin laundry. Juveniles were playing on the phone.

• Nov. 7: Police were called about a verbal dispute in the parking lot at the Best Western Lakewood Inn. Police found the individuals in the Kroger parking lot. They said everything was now OK.

• Nov. 8: A North High Street resident said he left his door unlocked the night before and then discovered that Wii video game was missing when he returned just after midnight. Several games were also missing. His downstairs neighbor told him that he saw several kids running from the house. The complainant told police his Wii was setup for a wireless connection. After check ing his computer, he discovered that his game unit was logged on. After checking manuals, police discovered that the wireless range is about 30 feet. There was only one neighboring house within that range, occupied by a middleaged couple with two very young children. The complainant told police his downstairs neighbor was really into video games. Police talked with him and he agreed to let them check his apartment . Police didn’t see anything there, but decided to investigate further. Police checked with a resale video store in Hebron and ultimately another one in Newark. They learned that a man resembling the neighbor tried to trade-in a Wii unit, but was turned down since he couldn’t present a photo ID. Police later intereviewed the now suspect who allegedly admitted to the theft of the unit. He told police he dumped it along Beaver Run Road when he was unable to sell it. Police, with his help, couldn’t locate the unit. Charges are pending.

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