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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• May 13: Police checked out a suspicious vehicle by a dumpster at a South Main Street address. After checking with an employee, police learned it was disabled.

• May 14: A grandmother called police to report that her grandson brought marijuana into her home and was upstairs smoking it. Police confiscated the marijuana and filed charges against the juvenile.

• May 15: Police executed a search warrant for illegal drugs at an Oak Street home.

• May 15: Police were called to an accident on Basil Western Road.

• May 17: Police were called to a Romulus Street address on a report of a male entering a vehicle and removing a house key from the key ring.

• May 17: Police responded to a car alarm drop on East Mulberry Street. The caller believe someone was trying to bring into the vehicle. Police had no contact but did patrol the area closely.

• May 20: Police took a report of vandalism at a Hansbarger Street address.

• May 23: Police assisted a driver locked out of a vehicle. Entry was gained.

• May 23: Police were called about a dog running loose on Dorchester. The dog was located and the owners were cited for allowing it to run free.

• May 26: Police responded to an alarm drop at North Basil Street home. The home checked secure.

• May 26: Police were called to the area of East Rome Street on a report of a vehicle being operated recklessly. Police had no contact.

• May 26: Police were called about a barking dog on North Liberty Street. The dog was not barking when police arrived, but police advised the owner of the issue.

Buckeye Lake

• May 27: A Walnut Road woman said her cat was having seizures and she suspected it was poisoned. She wasn’t able to have the cat tested to confirm a poisoning, but a cat living next door to her began having seizures as well. A veterinary technician said poison could cause the seizures, but bug spray could cause them as well. The case remains under investigation.

• May 27: Police responded to a report of a break-in in progress, but upon arrival found the homeowner had locked her keys inside and was attempting to gain access.

• May 27: An officer wrote a report that resident Jacqueline Sluder said, “You’ll be sorry, bi—” to Buckeye Lake Village Council President Jeryne Peterson during the May 27 council meeting.

• May 28: A Lake Street resident said someone continues to drive through her yard, causing ruts.

• May 29: A Walnut Road woman said her daughter told her a car with three boys swerved intentionally toward her daughter, forcing her to dive to the ground.

• May 29: Police talked to a man who was threatening suicide by holding a loaded handgun and a suicide note. The man was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital for observation and all guns were removed from the residence.

• May 30: Police responded to a report of a fight at an Everett Avenue residence, but one of the fighting parties left before police arrived.

• May 30: Police responded to a report of a disturbance at a Rosebraugh Circle residence. The situation was resolved.

• May 30: A Mt. Vernon woman said her boyfriend slapped her in the face during an argument in the McDonald’s parking lot. She declined to press charges.

• May 30: A Heath woman said a Leroy Street man was threatening her, but both she and the Leroy Street man had differing versions of the incident.

• May 30: Police received a report of a third cat poisoned, although this time the cat died, in the same area as two other suspected cat poisonings. Police are working with the Humane Society to investigate the incidents.

• May 30: Driver was cited for traveling 46 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• May 31: A Wood Street man said two tires were cut on his car.

• June 1: Police responded to a reported domestic dispute at a Wood Street residence. Parties were separated and neither wished to file charges.

• June 1: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a structure fire.

• June 2: A Walnut Road woman reported someone was trying to enter her home.

• June 2: A West 3rd Street man said a caller was harassing him.

• June 3: A Meyers Avenue man said his son was assaulted on his way home from his bus stop.

• June 3: A Worth Drive man said his medications were stolen.

• June 4: A Walnut Road man said someone stole several items from his house.

• June 6: Police assisted Kirkersville Police with a traffic stop of a stolen vehicle.

• June 6: A Newark man reported his motorcycle was stolen while parked in Buckeye Lake Village. The incident is under investigation.

• June 6: A Walnut Road man reported someone stole an item from his camper.

• June 6: A Highland Avenue man was warned about his dog barking.

• June 6: A Park Street woman said a suspicious vehicle parked in her driveway for a few minutes and left. The vehicle owner was contacted and he said an Internet site showed the house was for sale.

• June 7: A Goodwill Store employee said someone damaged the store’s A/C units and removed the copper coils.

Editor’s Note: Building owner Carolyn Gardner warns residents to watch for suspicious persons around A/C units and to call police immediately.

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