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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• July 29: Police responded to a report of a fight on Renner Street, but it turned out to be only a verbal dispute. Parties were advised.

• July 30: An East Street man reported the theft of 20 gallons of fuel from his boat.

• July 30: A woman was observed jumping from a car. Woman said she had an argument with her husband. He told officers she was dealing with some mental issues. She refused any treatment and agreed to go home with her husband.

• July 31: A Myers Avenue resident said a cat was thrown from a vehicle and landed near her yard. The cat was uninjured, and the Licking County Humane Society eventually took custody.

• July 31: A Walnut Road man said two juveniles harassed him.

• Aug. 1: Police checked out a report of two suspicious males at the skate park. They were located but had no warrants and possessed nothing illegal.

• Aug. 1: A man who was borrowing a car was pulled over for a traffic violation and was found to have no driver’s license and 15 active license suspensions. The owner knew he had no license and was charged with wrongful entrustment.

• Aug. 2: A Hebron Road woman reported her home vandalized.

• Aug. 2: A W. 5th Street man said an intoxicated woman assaulted him. The woman became belligerent toward the officer and was found to possess a burnt spoon and hypodermic needles. She was charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and possession of drug abuse instruments.

• Aug. 3: West 3rd Street woman said her landlord was threatening her to pay rent even though she was up to date. Officer left messages for the landlord.

• Aug. 3: A Union Avenue man told police his girlfriend came into his house and he wanted her to leave. Officer spoke with her and she left.

• Aug. 3: A West 3rd Street woman said her ex-boyfriend was harassing her and asked an officer to tell him to leave her alone. He was advised.

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