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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

•• June 26: A man told police he was walking his dog down Hilton Road when another dog attacked his, however, he did not want to press charges over the incident. Police told the owner of the attacking dog that he would be cited if his dog were ever seen at large.

• June 26: A Cranberry Lane resident said his neighbor’s dog was entering his property without permission and was never on a leash. Dog’s owner was advised.

• June 27: A West 1st Street woman reported receiving harassing phone calls.

• June 27: A Blue Heron Villas residents reported another resident was acting “abnormal and delusional.”

• June 27: A Walnut Road woman said her ex-husband, who lives in West Virginia, was calling and harassing her.

• June 27: Police stopped a vehicle for reckless driving and found that the driver and passenger possessed crack cocaine. An investigation led to the Econolodge, where a search warrant was obtained and there were three more arrests. Inside motel room was a large amount of narcotics: meth, cocaine, crack, and marijuana. Also, three illegal handguns were recovered.

• June 27: A Rosebraugh Circle resident said someone drove into her yard and damaged it.

• June 27: Police checked out a report of a shirtless man in the roadway, “acting crazy” and being a road hazard. They didn’t find anyone.

• June 27: Police stopped a vehicle for failing to dim headlights and found the driver hadn’t had a driver’s license since 2005.

• June 27: Officer stopped a vehicle for malfunctioning headlights and found the driver had expired tags.

• June 28: Police assisted Kirkersville Police with a BAC test.

• June 28: Police checked out a complaint about an ATV being operated on Renner Street. The ATV operator was handicapped and using the ATV for transportation. Operator was advised of the penalties for operating an unlicensed motor vehicle on the roadway and was permitted to take the ATV home after the operator agreed not to ride it on the road anymore.

• June 28: Police assisted Millersport Police in controlling a fistfight incident.

• June 28: A Utica woman said a man held a gun to her head, causing her to fear for her life.

• June 29: Police advised people at a Rosebraugh Circle party to turn down music.

• June 30: Police helped Hebron Police look for two teenage girls who were acting suspicious.

• June 30: Police assisted the sheriff’s office on a call at the TA Truck Stop.

• June 30: Police assisted Hebron Police with an alarm drop at Buckeye Outdoors. The area checked secure.

• June 30: Police stopped a vehicle that was speeding and weaving on Mill Dam Road. The driver was found to be intoxicated, but refused BAC test. The driver had a prior DUI arrest.

• June 30: While on patrol near the Duke service station, an officer witnessed a man assault another near the cashier’s station. The aggressor was charged with assault and transported to the police station.

• June 30: Officer stopped a vehicle for making an improper turn and found the driver was under suspension, had no drivers license, and had two active warrants for his arrest. He was transported to jail.

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