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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• April 23: Renner Street woman said she had a verbal argument with her husband over a tax check and unpaid bills. Both were advised and no charges were filed.

• April 25: A woman told police she saw a vehicle in the Mc- Donald’s drive-through lane with blood dripping from its trunk. She gave police a license plate number which turned out to be registered to a Newark resident. Newark Police were advised.

• April 26: Police checked out a report of a suspicious person. It turned out the person lived in an adjacent apartment.

• April 26: A Family Dollar employee reported two juvenile shoplifters. No charges were pressed; the employee just requested that the juveniles be removed and their parents advised.

• April 27: A Hebron man, who was stopped for lane violations and slow speed, was found to be driving with an expired drivers license.

• April 28: A Union Avenue man stopped for driving a vehicle with an equipment violation was found to be driving under suspension.

• April 28: A Walnut Road man and a Newark man were sitting in a car near the Taco Bell after hours. An officer approached the car and found the driver had an active warrant for his arrest for heroin possession. Heroin, other drugs, and paraphernalia were discovered in the car. Both men were charged with possession.

• April 28: An officer was dispatched to a Central Avenue house on a report of a domestic dispute. A man and woman were both injured, and both claimed that the other was the aggressor and each had different descriptions of the incident. Both were charged with domestic violence and assault.

• April 28: Officer tried to stop a vehicle speeding on Hebron Road, but the driver turned the wrong way onto a one-way street. According to the report, the driver was clearly intoxicated, failed field sobriety tests and registered .225 BAC. The driver had a prior OVI and was charged with another OVI and for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. The passenger, who owned the vehicle, was cited for wrongful entrustment (for allowing an impaired person to operate his vehicle) and no seatbelt.

• April 30: A Central Avenue man was cited for traveling 50 in a 35 miles per hour zone. The officer discovered he was driving under suspension.

• April 30: Police stopped a Walnut Road woman for weaving outside of the road lane. Police suspected she was intoxicated. She failed field sobriety tests andblew a .118 BAC. She was charged with OVI.

• April 30: Police stopped a driver who failed to use a turn signal and discovered the driver only had a Mexican driver’s license and no passport. The driver was cited for driving with an invalid license.

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