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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 11: A driver was cited for traveling 46 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 11: A Walnut Road woman reported her car was stolen as it idled near her home. The vehicle was later recovered but it was damaged.

• Jan. 14: An officer was dispatched to the North Shore Boat Ramp where a couple was arguing in a car. The woman was crying and her head was bleeding. According to the report, the couple was at the boat ramp to have a private discussion, which became heated. The woman left the car and the man followed, grabbed her, and attempted to push her back into the vehicle’s passenger seat, where she hit her head on the door. An ambulance was called and a medic said she needed stitches for the wound. She filed assault charges against the man, who was taken to the Buckeye Lake Police station and eventually to Licking County Jail.

• Jan. 16: A driver was cited for traveling 47 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Hebron Road.

• Jan. 16: A Duke service station employee reported a customer left without paying for $22 in gasoline.


• Jan. 5: Police were asked by the Ohio State Highway Patrol to check I-70 westbound for a reported FedEx truck being driven recklessly. Police saw the truck as it passed under Ohio 79 and followed it to Ohio 37, but didn’t see any evidence of reckless driving or traffic violations.

• Jan. 5: A Moundbuilders employee asked police to check on the welfare of a client living in Hebron who had not answered her door for her caregivers or family during the past week. No one answered the door for police, but the woman could be seen through a window. Police asked if she was OK and for her to come to the door. She said she was OK, but too busy to come to the door.

• Jan. 6: Police were called about loud music from a Canal Road apartment. Police could hear the music faintly from the parking lot. The music was turned down when police knocked on the door, but no one would come to the door. Police contacted the resident’s probation officer about the incident.

• Jan. 6: Police accompanied a probation officer to the apartment in the previous report where the resident was arrested for a probation violation and taken to jail.

• Jan. 6: Police are investigating a report from a Broadway Street mother that an adult male was making advances toward her juvenile daughter.

• Jan. 6: Police told two juveniles that they couldn’t skate board on the handrails in front of Domino’s.

• Jan. 7: Police were called at 1:07 a.m. about an underage party at a Canal Road apartment. The resident told police his two juvenile daughters were highly intoxicated from the party. Two 18-year-old males were cited for underage consumption. A juvenile male was also found to have consumed alcohol.

• Jan. 7: A Newark woman told police that her ex-boyfriend was refusing to give her children back. She got her children back after police spoke with her ex.

• Jan. 8: A driver was cited for going 41 mph in a 25 mph zone on East Main Street at Basin Street.

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