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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Oct. 2: A Hebron man was cited for a hit skip, or leaving the scene of an accident.

• Oct. 2: A driver was cited for running a red light on Hebron Road.

• Oct. 2: A Heath man said that someone in Buckeye Lake Village vandalized his car.

• Oct. 3: A Renner Street man reported that someone entered his home without permission and stole several items. There were no signs of forced entry.

• Oct. 3: A driver was cited for traveling 47 in a 35 mile per hour zone.

• Oct. 3: Two drivers were cited for running a stop sign at Hunts Landing and Mill Dam roads.

• Oct. 4: At roughly 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night, a loud explosion rocked Buckeye Lake Village that was felt as far away as Hebron, said Buckeye Lake Police Captain James Hanzey. “It rattled windows everywhere,” he said. Hanzey speculates a professional grade firework detonated in Leisure Village was the focus of the blast and the incident is under an active investigation. He said there was no damage, but Hanzey will contact the Columbus Bomb Squad and local fireworks distributors for more information. There are currently no suspects.

• Oct. 4: A driver was cited for running a stop sign at Hebron and Mill Dam roads.


• Aug. 22: Police were called about a suspicious vehicle in the Lake Forest subdivision. Police found the vehicle. The driver said he was practicing driving his standard shift vehicle.

• Aug. 23: A driver was cited for going 65 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Aug. 23: Police were called to a Greenbriar home on a report of an altercation between the complainant’s juvenile daughter and another female juvenile. Both were reportedly sending each other threatening text messages.

• Aug. 23: Police responded to an alarm drop at Cumberland Meadows. The building checked secure.

• Aug. 25: A Broadway Street apartment resident complained about receiving numerous calls trying to scam him. Police saw the numbers were from California, Nevada and overseas. They suggested he ignore calls from those areas.


Police reported the following traffic incidents occurring Sept. 19-30:

• Athens resident, 31, was cited for fictitious tags and traveling 80 in a 65 mile per hour zone.

• Frazeysburg resident, 21, was arrested for driving under suspension, no operator’s license, and illegally tinted windows.

• Pataskala resident, 44, was cited for reckless operation.

• Thornville resident, 36, was cited for driving under suspension.

• Glenford resident, 19, cited for 81 in a 65 mile per hour zone.

• Zanesville resident, 26, cited for 82 in a 65 mile per hour zone and reckless operation.

• Pataskala resident, 59, was arrested for driving under suspension and no operator’s license.

• Baltimore resident, 33, was cited for 82 in a 65 mile per hour zone.

• Sept. 21: Officers were dispatched in reference to a suspicious person. They were advised an African-American male was approaching random houses, flashing a gas company work ID, asking to see residents’ utility and bank statements, and then asking for cash donations. Officers approached the subject as he was walking along US 40 near Cemetery Road. The subject was identified and received a courtesy ride to his hotel with a warning not to solicit services without a permit.

• Sept. 29: Officers were dispatched to the Flying J service station. Several truck drivers complained that two females were in the parking lot, attempting to solicit money for sex. As one officer arrived on the scene, the two females and one male attempted to flee in a van. Another cruiser pursued and stopped the van. The subjects, all from Newark, were identified and charges are pending.

• Sept. 30: Officer witnessed two males sitting in a parked car on US 40 consuming what appeared to be alcoholic beverages. As the officer approached the vehicle, the males fled the vehicle and ran down an alley. Both males were apprehended and found to be 18 and 19 years old. They also possessed drug paraphernalia.

Both were arrested on several charges and transported to Licking County jail.

• Sept. 30: A resident reported a break-in at his apartment. Its door and lock were damaged. The case is under investigation.

• Sept. 30: A female resident, 57, was arrested for obstructing official business, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

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