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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Reports were unavailable this week. We’ll catch up next week.


• June 8: A Raspberry Circle woman told police that her neighbor’s 14-year-old son was yelling and cursing at her from a field across from her house. Police contacted the neighbor who said she was in bed and didn’t know her son was out. The suspect said he was out walking with his girlfriend. Police told him and his monther that he shouldn’t be out past curfew and should not speak with his neighbor.

• June 8: A village employee reported an attempted break-in at the Evans Park concession stand.

• June 8: A South High Street resident told police that a juvenile was looking into his windows. He told police where the juveniles lived and police spoke to two juveniles there. Both denied being on the complainant’s property and said they had been home that evening. Police checked the area and didn’t find any other juveniles out.

• June 9: Police advised several juveniles skating on the raised sidewalk on East Main Street to stopp skating there.

• June 9: Police were called about an elderly female with a walker walking along North High Street. The caller said she looked confused. Police found her sitting on the walker and not looking very well. She told police she was headed to the bank and police gave her a ride there. Her daughter was at the bank and told police her mother was starting to have some dementia issues. She said she would get her back home.

• June 9: A North Street resident said her husband was upset and out of control. She said they were arguing over money and he hadn’t taken is bi-polar medication. After the man made threats to hurt himself and others, police took him to the hospital for evaluation.

• June 9: A Raspberry Circle resident said a named juvenile had threatened his five-year-old son. Police spoke with the 14-year-old suspect and his mother. They were told that police had received several calls on him lately. He was advised to watch his actions because if they continued police were going to press charges. As the complainant and his son were walking home a 13 year old juvenile starting yelling cuss words at them. Police spoke to the suspect’s grandmother and told her that the trailer park manager wanted him banned from the park. He was sent home.

• June 9: A motorist was cited for a stop sign violation on West 2nd Street at Cumberland.

• June 10: A driver was cited for lines and lanes and ultimately OVI on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• June 10: Police took home two female juveniles that a Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted walking along Ohio 79 north of the village limits at 2:59 a.m. Their parents didn’t know they were out.

• June 11: Police assisted a deputy sheriff with a BAC test.

• June 11: Police were called to an active domestic dispute at a roadway Street apartment. The complainant said she and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument and she pushed him and they struggled. The boyfriend left before police arrived. Police found no signs of physical injury.

• June 11: Police issued citations for stop sign citations on West 2nd at Cumberland and 9th and North streets.

• June 11: A Lancaster man came to the police station to report that his mother-in-law had been involved in a domestic dispute with her live-in boyfriend. The parties were separated for the night.


• Police activity July 10 -16.

• A Reynoldsburg driver was cited for driving under an OMVI suspension and without a driver’s license.

• A Newark driver was cited for going 81 mph in a 65 mph zone on I-70.

• A Cambridge, Ohio, driver was cited fro going 83 mph in a 65 mph zone on I-70.

• A Cambridge, Ohio, driver was cited for fictitious license plates and no tail lights.

• A Rockbridge, Ohio, driver was cited for driving under suspension and without a driver’s license or license plates.

• A Pataskala woman was brought before a magistrate on a warrant for criminal trespassing and criminal damaging of the Kirkersville Carryout on March 11, 2010.

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