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Police activity reports

Complied from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

+ April 1: A Family Dollar employee witnessed a customer shoplifting.

+ April 3: Officers were dispatched to a West 1st Street residence where someone poured yellow paint into a van’s gas tank. Officers followed a long list of juveniles who claimed to have heard someone else bragging about committing the crime. The owner of the van thought Tasha was responsible, but Brandy said she heard Ashley bragging about doing it. Ashley denied it, but thought she heard Josh brag about doing it. Josh said his sister claimed she heard Ashley brag about pouring the paint in the van, but Brandy later said Ashley didn’t do it. Brandy thought Zack or Rachel may have done it.

Police said there is no physical evidence and everyone is blaming everyone else. The owner of the van wants charges brought against a specific juvenile.

+ April 5: A Central Avenue man said someone slashed a tire on his vehicle.

+ April 6: A Walnut Road resident reported a prowler.

+ April 6: Officersresponded to a call of a suspicious vehicle. The officerstopped the vehicle to findthat its tags and the driver’s license were both expired.

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