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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Captain James Hanzey said three people were arrested in conjunction with two burglaries that occurred at 30 Stewart Street July 13. He said the police department is waiting for DNA test results on evidence from burglaries at Foxy’s Jewelry, the Jett Laundromat, and the Dir buster Car Wash, all of which occurred in July as well.

Hanzey warned residents that thieves are targeting vehicles catalytic converters, which are stolen to be recycled.

• Sept. 8: A Beacon Light Lane woman reported her purse missing.

• Sept. 9: A Walnut Road man reported his car stereo stolen.

• Sept. 10: A West 4th Street man said someone cut the screen from a door, entered his home, and stole stereo speakers.

• Sept. 11: An East 6th Street woman reported her purse missing.

• Sept. 11: A driver was cited for traveling 54 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Sept. 11: A driver was warned for speeding but cited for not wearing a safety belt.

• Sept. 12: A Park Street woman reported her windshield shattered.

• Sept. 13: A Walnut Road man reported a breathing apparatus was stole from his vehicle.

• Sept. 15: A 1st Street woman reported seeing a man assault a woman and then drag her into a vehicle before heading our of town. A Licking County Sheriff’s Office unit pulled over the vehicle and charged the man with OVI. The female passenger would not press charges and claimed a fall caused her injuries.

• Sept. 17: An officer was dispatched to a Leroy Street residence on a possible fight. A woman came outside to meet the officer, but the officer found a marijuana pipe containing marijuana residue on the property. The woman was charged with possession.

• Sept. 18: A Hilton Street resident someone stole tools from his garage. The garage door was open when the incident occurred.

• Sept. 19: A driver was cited for traveling 50 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Sept. 19: A Walnut Road woman said her ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her after she told him to move out.

• Sept. 20: A Walnut Road man said someone stole prescription drugs from his home.

• Sept. 20: A Super 8 Hotel employee reported finding a gun in a room.


• Aug. 17: A Thornville woman wanted it documented that her 10 and 12 year-old daughters spent the night with their father on South High Street. She told police that their father went out drinking until 3 a.m., leaving the 12-year-old in charge of nine other children ages 2 to 10. She also said that when their father returned at 3 a.m. with friends, they started making sexual comments to the children. Police took a report and forwarded it to Childrens Services for review.

• Aug. 17: A Hebron Road trailer park woman said her husband cut her with a knife during a domestic dispute. Police said she changed her story after they arrived. The two were separated fro the nights and the prosecutor’s office will review the report for possible charges. The knife wound was minor.

• Aug. 18: Police took a report after someone pried open a storage unit at the Village Square Apartments on Lakewood Drive. Power tools, a power washer and an air compressor were taken.

• Aug. 18: A Parks Street man reported that someone had slashed the tires on his truck three days ago.

• Aug. 18: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident reported the theft of a stereo from his vehicle overnight.

• Aug. 19: Police were called to the Best Western Lakewood Inn on a report of a possible domestic dispute. The parties were separated.

• Aug. 19: Police were called to the Duke station at 4:17 a.m. on a report of a prowler behind the store. Police checked the area but didn’t find anyone.

• Aug. 19: Police were called about a dog in distress in vehicle on Arrowhead Drive. The windows were down enough to provide venilation and the dog wasn’t in distress.

• Aug. 19: An East Main Street resident flagged down an officer to report that someone had taken his dryer that was sitting outside for a sale. He provided a description of the suspects. The incident is still under investigation.

• Aug. 19: Police on patrol at 11:20 pm. in Evans Park saw several juveniles on skateboards at the basketball courts. They were advised that the park closed at dark.

• Aug. 21: A Hebron woman told police she was following a vehilce on Refugee Road that was being driven recklessly. Police stopped the vehicle on North Street. The driver said he was messing with the radio which wa causing it to swerve back and forth. He was warned.

• Aug. 21: A driver was cited for a traffic light violation on Ohio 79 at Enterprise Drive.

• Aug. 22: Police on patrol were flagged down by a Kelly Court man who said he and his son had a verbal argument. Police separated the parties for the night.

• Aug. 22: Police were called about juveniles on the roof of a Lakewood Drive apartment building. Police saw four juveniles on the roof as they arrived. Police had them climb down. They were told to stay off the roof.

• Aug. 23: Police on patrol at 12:58 saw three subjects parked at Hayman’s Dari-Bar. Police told them to move on.

• Aug. 23: Police took a report after a driver left the Duke station without paying for $12 of fuel.

• Aug. 23: Police were called about a dog barking all night on 4th Avenue. The dog was barking when police arrived. The owner told police the dog doesn’t like to be left outside. Police told her the dog was becoming a nuisance to neighbors. She said she would discuss bringing the dog inside with her husband. She was warned the constant barking couldn’t continue.

• Aug. 23: A driver was cited for going 65 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Aug. 23: A Kelly Court resident reported the overnight theft of a charcoal grill from the front yard.

• Aug. 24: Police on patrol at 12:12 a.m. saw several juveniles in the West Cumberland/Sands Drive area. When the cruiser was spotted they took off heading east through yards. Police went to 2nd Street and turned off the vehicle lights. Police soon saw them try to hide inside a camper parked next to a 2nd Avenue home. The juveniles took police they ran because they knew they were out after curfew. They were released to their parents.

• Aug. 24: A Canal Road apartment resident was arrested on a warrant for theft.

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