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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 9: An officer pulled over a Pataskala man who had been seen weaving off the side off the road. The man couldn’t complete field sobriety tests and was chargeed with OVI.

• Jan. 9: A driver was cited for going 47 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 9: A driver was cited for going 51 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 9: An officer was dispatched to a W. 2nd Street residence where a man and a woman each claimed that one had injured the other during a domestic dispute. The county prosecutor’s office recommended against pressing charges.

• Jan. 10: An officer cited a Newark woman for running a red light at Ohio 79 and Mill Dam Road.

• Jan. 10: A driver was cited for going 51 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Jan. 11: A Glenford woman said a passenger assaulted her while she was driving and willfully damaged her car.

• Jan. 13: A Walnut Road juvenile reported another juvenile female assaulted her.

• Jan. 14: A driver was cited for going 49 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Jan. 15: An officer observed a suspicious person walking near Hebron Road. The man said he was homeless and was walking to his grandmother’s house to sleep in her van. His grandmother said she didn’t know he was sleeping in the van and invited him into her home.

• Jan. 16: A Walnut Road man was cited for failure to control his vehicle after he slid into an Albanese IGA sign.

• Jan. 16: A driver was cited for 53 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Jan. 16: A Walnut Road woman complained about an obscene phone call. The caller, who said he was inebriated at the time, was advised to stop.

• Jan. 17: An Indiana trucker was warned for an illegal U-turn and cited for faulty headlights.

• Jan. 17: A driver was cited for 52 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Jan. 17: A driver was cited for 52 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 17: A driver was cited for 54 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 18: A Walnut Road juve nile refused to go to his mother’s Perry County home. His mother was advised the juvenile’s refusal was not a criminal offence.

• Jan. 18: Police responded to an alarm drop at the Buckeye Lake Duke station. It was accidentally tripped.


• Jan. 1: A Hebron Road trailer court resident reported hearing gun shots. She called back while police were enroute and said the shots were from a nearby field.

• Jan. 1: Police checked out a loud music complaint on Kelly Drive.

• Jan. 1: Police recovered a Hebron Business Association banner from the roadway.

• Jan. 2: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with an injury accident on Ohio 79.

• Jan. 2: Police were called to a Broadway Street address on a report of a pickup truck hitting a trash container. Pieces from the red truck were lying next to the undamaged container. Police checked he area, but didn’t see any damaged vehicles. Police later saw a vehicle with fresh damage and made a traffic stop. The driver admitted hitting the container, but didn’t report it since the container wasn’t damaged. He told police he didn’t care about the damage to his truck.

• Jan. 3: A driver was cited for a stop sign violation at North High Street and Enterprise Drive.

• Jan. 4: A Lake Forest Drive resident requested extra police patrols after her husband received some threats over the phone.

• Jan. 4: A driver was cited for using fictitious tags and driving under suspension. Police also discovered drugs and learned he was wanted on a Licking County warrant. He was arrested on the warrant and taken to jail.

• Jan. 4: Police were dispatched to a Kelly Court home on a report of an active domestic dispute. It turned out to be a verbal dispute over children. Police asked the intoxicated male to leave for the night. His brother-in-law picked him up.

• Jan. 4: While on the previous call, police were asked to check on the welfare of a Hebron Road trailer park resident who had said she was going to hurt herself or her animals. Police couldn’t leave and asked that Buckeye Lake Police handle the call since a deputy was not available. The woman was OK and hadn’t hurt anything.

• Jan. 4: A Forest Ridge Drive man told police his wife had texted him, saying she was going to drive her car through a guard rail. He gave police her number. She told police she was fine and was doing the laundry. She said her husband made up the report to use against her in their upcoming divorce trial.

• Jan. 5: Police stopped and warned a driver for operating a 4-wheeler on the roadway.

• Jan. 6: Police were called to a Raspberry Circle home on a report of a woman trying to commit suicide.

• Jan. 6: A Maple Street resident reported that someone threw eggs at his side door.

• Jan. 7: A driver was cited no head lights and an expired driver’s license.

• Jan. 7: Police were called about a vehicle that drove around a bus on US 40 at the Kroger entrance, nearly striking an exiting student. The driver told police she thought the bus was turning into the lot and immediately slammed on the brakes when she saw the student.

• Jan. 8: Police on patrol saw a vehicle in the Kroger lot with different tags on the front and back. The driver said it was his son’s vehicle and he didn’t realize the plates didn’t match.

• Jan. 8: A Greenbriar Lane resident report he theft of some medications.

• Jan. 8: A driver was cited for reckless operation on private property after police saw him doing a donut in a North High Street parking lot.

• Jan. 8: Police were called to a Canal Road apartment on a loud music complaint. When police checked the tenant’s information, they found he was wanted on a Muskingum County warrant. He was arrested and turned over to a Muskingum County deputy.

• Jan. 9: Police on patrol saw a vehicle with no visible rear license plate. Police stopped the vehicle, and then saw a license plate in the rear window. The driver said he had purchased the new plates the day before and needed to buy some fasteners to properly attach the plates. He was warned.

• Jan. 9: Police conducted a BAC test for a Buckeye Lake Police officer at the Buckeye Lake station.

• Jan. 9: A Hebron Road trailer park resident severely cut herself with a knife. She was taken to Licking Memorial and then transferred to a Columbus hospital for surgery.

• Jan. 10: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident reported that someone broke out a window in her vehicle, taking a wallet with $700 in cash, her work ID, her driver’s license and a pack of cigarettes.

• Jan. 10: A Broadway Street mother reported a possible assault on her daughter by her daughter’s boyfriend. She said she came home with a swollen cheek and scratch marks on her neck. Police spoke with her daughter who said she was injured when she wrecked her vehicle the previous evening. She showed police her vehicle which had been recently wrecked.

• Jan. 10: An East Main Street apartment resident said her landlord entered her residence without her permission and placed her belongings on the street. Police took statements from the landlord and the two people who helped him remove her possessions.

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