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Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Jan. 1: An officer witnessed a man “staggering” through the police department parking lot. The officer discovered the man was underage and cited him for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and underage consumption of alcohol.

• Jan. 2: A driver was cited for traveling 54 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 2: A driver was cited for traveling 51 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 2: A driver was cited for traveling 52 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• Jan. 3: A driver was cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 3: A driver was warned for speeding but cited for not wearing a seat belt on Walnut Road.

• Jan. 4: A West 1st Street woman reported her medication missing. She didn’t know for certain who took it, but said there were two people who may have taken it.

• Jan. 5: A Leroy Street woman reported a dog attacked her on her own property.


• Dec. 7: Police stoodby as an ex-girlfriend removed personal belongings from a Lakeforest Drive home.

• Dec. 7: A Broad Street resident asked police to help remove a sick animal from his property. Police removed the animal.

• Dec. 7: A driver was cited for going 66 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• Dec. 7: Police took a report of vandalism to Christmas lights at a Maple Street home.

• Dec. 8: Police were called to the Duke station about a customer that couldn’t pay for his gasoline. His credit card wouldn’t go through. His wife came to the station and paid for the gasoline.

• Dec. 9: Police responded at 4:25 a.m. to a holdup alarm at the Duke station. Everything was OK.

• Dec. 9: Police took a report after motorist left the Duke station without paying for $30.01 in fuel.

• Dec. 9: Police were called about the warning lights at the railroad crossing on Ohio 79 flashing continously. Police discovered that a bracket on one of the gates was keeping it from going all the way up and thus shutting off the caution lights. Police directed traffic until a train in he area went through the crossing, freeing the gate and shut- ting off the lights.

• Dec. 9: A West Main Street resident reported the theft of an aluminum toolbox from a pickup truck sometime between Dec. 5 – 9.

• Dec. 9: Police took a report of the theft of a bike from a Westview Drive front yard.

• Dec. 10: Police took a report of a theft from a vehicle at Harry & David’s.

• Dec. 11: A South 8th Street man reported juveniles throwing mail from boxes on North 6th Street. He chased them as they ran toward High Street, but lost them. Police checked the area without contact. One apartment resident declined to make a complaint. Police picked up the mail and put it back in the mailboxes.

• Dec. 12: police were dispatched to a report of a car on fire in a field off Cumberland and Park streets. Police contacted the owner who said his car had been stolen from his Cumberland Street home.

• Dec. 12: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident asked for a civil standby to retrieve items from her apartment. She said a cousin who lived there with her may have a warrant for failure to pay child support. Police confirmed the warrant and arrested the cousin.

• Dec. 12: A South 8th Street resident reported vandalism to light on his front porch.

• Dec. 13: A Forest Ridge man called to report threatening text messages from his wife. They had been separated for a couple of months. Police took a statement from him and then met with his wife at her Canal Road apartment. She was told to stop texting him. She asked police to tell him to leave her alone.

• Dec. 13: Police responded to a hold-up alarm at the Duke station. Once again everything was OK. An employee said it might be a problem with a new computer.

• Dec. 14: Police on patrol at 4:10 a.m. saw a vehicle resembling one in a dispatch notice that evening. Newark Police had taken a report about a family worried about an elderly driver. Police checked the license plate number and it matched the vehicle sought. Police stopped the vehicle and learned that the elderly driver was lost. Police stoodby until the driver’s son arrived and took him home.

• Dec. 14: A Broadway Street resident reported that a concrete statue of a horse had been knocked over in her yard.

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