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Police activity report

It’s back! Compiled from selected police activity reports.


+ Mar. 5: Police found an open door on Wagner Street. Everything checked OK.

+ Mar. 6: Police found an open door at the Landmark CO-OP. The building checked OK.

+ Mar. 7: Police took separate reports of thefts on Fairview Avenue, West Market Street (2 reports), Tower Street, Yencer Street, Tremont Street, Cherry Lane and Stemen Road.

+ Mar. 7: Police responded to a report of a loud noise on Mill Street at Johnson Street. Police found a bottle bomb.

Buckeye Lake

+ Feb. 22: A Walnut Road woman reported her vehicle was damaged.

+ Feb. 23: A woman staying at the Super 8 motel reported that her angry son pushed the hotel room door open to get to her. In doing so, he slammed the door into her face.

+ Feb. 23: An officermarked a vehicle in a no parking zone. The owner said the vehicle broke down there and called a tow truck to remove it.

+ Feb. 23: A Grandstaff woman reported someone stole the license plate from her car and replaced it with a Maryland plate.

+ Feb. 23: An Elmhurst Drive man reported seeing someone in his neighbor’s vehicle who wasn’t supposed to be there. The complainant confronted the person, who fledon foot.

+ Feb. 23: An officerstopped a driver on suspicion of driving under the influence. The driver was not under the influence, but his license was under suspension for a previous DUI arrest.

+ Feb. 24: A vehicle was found abandoned, engine running, and no rear license plate. A person near the vehicle would not claim ownership. The vehicle was impounded.

+ Feb. 25: A Dollar General store employee reported a customer wrote a bad check.

+ Feb. 25: A Park Street man reported that someone keyed his vehicle.

+ Feb. 26: An Elliot Ave. woman was in an argument with a man over a dog. An officer questioned the angry couple and checked their IDs. While checking hers, he witnessed her take items from her purse and place them on the ground, near the cruiser. One of the items was a pill bottle with marijuana. She claimed it wasn’t hers, but she was issued a citation for possession.

+ Feb. 27: An East Street woman reported a man was stalking her – making unwanted advances and following her.

+ March 3: Officersresponded to a Lake Mist Drive 911 hangup call. When they got there, a female resident said she was injured during an argument with her husband. He told officershe was guilty and he was charged with domestic violence.

+ March 4: A Lake Mist Drive woman said she found a firearm in her home. She didn’t know who owned it.

+ March 4: Officers were dispatched to a West 4th Street home to inform a resident that his brother-in-law passed away.

+ March 4: An officerassisted the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Officewith a domestic violence call.

+ March 4: An officerassisted the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Officewith a bar fight call at Cu- Da Joe’s in FairfieldBeach. The fight had dispersed when officersarrived.

+ March 8: A Thornville woman reported she lost her credit card at a Buckeye Lake gas station.

+ March 9: An officerstopped an Everett Ave. man whose vehicle had faulty brake lights. He was found to be driving under suspension.

+ March 9: An officerreceived a complaint of an open door at the Buckeye Lake Museum after hours. The door was secured and there was no sign of foul play.

+ March 10: An officerstopped a Thurston man for speeding. He was found to be driving without a drivers license.

+ March 10: A Hebron man reported a large trash container was removed from in front of his Buckeye Lake rental property.

+ March 10: A Connie Circle woman reported a man was harassing her and trespassed on her property.

+ March 10: Officers were called to a Walnut Road property where a woman died in her sleep.

+ March 10: A Walnut Road woman reported that her children found a purse in a wooded area. The purse was identified as stolen from a vehicle in July 2006. Its owner was notified.

+ March 10: A Buckeye Lake KOA employee found two wallets in the area. One owner was reached, the other was not.

+ March 10: An officer investigated a 911 hang-up call from a Walnut Road residence. The resident said his kids were playing on the phone and he’d deal with them himself.

+ March 11: A Walnut Road woman reported someone stole items from her car–one if its windows was partially open.

+ March 14: A Wood Street woman reported that her neighbor asked her if she could findhim a juvenile girl with whom to have sexual relations. The woman reported her neighbor’s lewd behavior to police. The man later said he would pay her if he could have relations with her young daughter. The Buckeye Lake police worked with the Licking County Sheriff’s Department to wire the woman with a recording device. She caught one of her neighbor’s advances on tape. Police searched the man’s residence and confiscated his computer after the man signed consent forms. He admitted there was child pornography on the computer. The man was charged with compelling prostitution.

+ March 14: A Walnut Road woman found a large kitchen knife in her back yard. She gave it to police.

+ March 17: A Wood Street woman reported that someone stole a security camera from her home.

+ March 18: A Rosebraugh West woman reported a stray dog in her yard.

+ March 21: A Walnut Road woman reported the theft of a lawn ornament lighthouse from her yard.

+ March 21: A Smith Street woman said someone rattled her front door. No one was there when police arrived.

+ March 21: A Walnut Road woman reported that someone with a flashlight was lurking in the woods behind her house.

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