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Police activity report

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


+ Jan. 22: Police assisted on a squad run to West Jefferson Street.

+ Jan. 22: Police removed a deer in the roadway south of the village on Ohio 158.

+ Jan. 22: Police took photos in a civil matter on East Market Steet at the corporation limit.

+ Jan. 22: Police notified a Watkins Road resident about writing a bad check.

+ Jan. 22: Police responded to a vehicle accident at West Market and Basil streets.

+ Jan. 23: Police responded with a FairfieldCounty Sheriff’s Officeunit to a reported domestic dispute on Carroll-Eastern Road.

+ Jan. 24: Police took a report of vandalism on Westwood Avenue.

Buckeye Lake

+ Jan. 17: An officerwas dispatched near the Buckeye Lake Eagles building to assist the Ohio State Highway Patrol with an accident. Officerssuspected the driver was intoxicated. He denied he drove, claiming the “real” driver fledon foot, but officers administered field sobriety tests. Before taking the test, the man said he needed to go to the bathroom and urinated on the side of a Millersport ambulance. He failed the sobriety tests, was arrested, and charged with OVI. He reportedly tried to bite a trooper as he was placed in the back seat of a patrol cruiser.

+ Jan. 18: An officerassisted Union Township police and the Perry County Sheriff’s Department with an arrest warrant for a man identified as staying at the Deluxe Inn. The man answered the door holding a spoon and attempted to shut the door on the officers. The officers pushed it open, but the man resisted arrest. He was drive tased when he refused to lie on the floor as ordered or to cooperate in any manner. He was found to be in possession of several packets and containers of white powder. He was charged with drug possession.

+ Jan. 18: A Highland Ave. woman reported that someone stole two propane tanks from her property.

+ Jan. 18: A person collecting cans along Hebron Road found a wallet. He gave it to police.

+ Jan. 19: An officerassisted with controlling an unstable person at the Flying J truck stop. The person was convinced to go to the hospital for an evaluation.

+ Jan. 19: An officerwas advised that a car slid over an embankment on SR 79. The driver was climbing back to the road when the officerarrived, but was not injured. The highway patrol arrived and the scene was cleared.

+ Jan. 20: A North Bank Road woman reported someone destroyed her vehicle’s rear windshield.

+ Jan. 20: A Hebron man reported that someone shattered his truck’s windshield.

+ Jan. 20: An officerchecked on a fight reported outside of Scooter’s Bar. The fight was over when the officerarrived and no one wanted to press charges.

+ Jan. 21: A Walnut Road woman reported her husband violated a civil protection order.

+ Jan. 21: A Super 8 Motel employee reported a customer became threatening when he was denied a room at a weekly rate.

+ Jan. 24: A Worth Drive woman said she received six money orders for $500 each. She said she was to cash them, keep 10 percent of the total for herself and send the rest to a person in Lagos, Nigeria. A bank teller told her the money orders were counterfeit and she gave them to the police.

+ Jan. 25: A Cottage Street woman reported her car stolen. An officerwas advised by the Licking County Sheriff’s Department that her car was repossessed.

+ Jan. 25: An alarm at Petplex was accidentally set off by an employee.

+ Jan. 25: An officerstopped a 1st Street man who only has a fiveinches wide circle cleared on his windshield. The rest of it was covered with frost. The officer found the man was driving under suspension.

+ Jan. 27: A Walnut Road woman was charged with providing police with false information about herself after she was involved in a traffic accident. She was charged with false information and obstructing officialbusiness.

+ Jan. 27: A FairfieldCounty sheriff’s deputy was looking for a Seymour Ave. man to ask him about counterfeit money that exchanged hands on the south side of the lake.

+ Jan. 28: A Millersport man who was involved in an accident was driving under suspension.

+ Jan. 28: A Lake Mist Road woman reported that she and her husband got into an argument. No charges were pressed.

+ Jan 30: A Walnut Road man said someone broke into his truck and stole $2 in change, but other than that, nothing was missing. A six feet tall, dark haired man wearing denim was reported near the vehicle.

+ Jan. 30: An Elliot Street man reported that someone ransacked his vehicle, but nothing was stolen.

+ Jan. 30: An Elliot Street woman reported that someone ransacked both of her family’s vehicles and someone took a bicycle from her porch.

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