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Planning Commission should do more to support private investors


In last week’s Beacon it was reported that the Village of Buckeye Lake has been operating at a deficit for the past five years. It was also reported that Barry Herron is doing his best to make ends meet but to do so he must delay maintenance and street repairs.

In summary, Buckeye Lake is considering raising taxes on all of us to be able to continue to provide services. While no one likes additional taxes it may boil down to all of us needing to pay more to make Buckeye Lake the kind of place where we want to live and own property. There are roads to repair and plenty of derelict houses that need to be torn down to make this happen.

While the Beacon does a good job of reporting these negatives as they reach Buckeye Lake Village Council, there is no reporting on all of the good being done for Buckeye Lake by private investors. These private investors are investing their own money, not the taxpayer’s.

As examples, Don Dick chose to invest in the block of property between Bangkok City and the hardware store and has removed at least a dozen run down houses and trailers. Barry Wright has revitalized the Carlin Addition (the old amusement park property). Barry has torn down properties, rehabed others and has added at least 10 properties to the tax base. He also paved the entire road – Lake and Lakeview – that runs through the Carlin addition. As a homeowner, I am deeply appreciative of what these two gentlemen have done to revitalize this part of the Village – an incredible change in just the last two years.

It is clear Buckeye Lake should do everything we can to attract and encourage more of this kind of private investment. Unfortunately the opposite is true. We all hear story after story on how the Buckeye Lake Planning Commission is the biggest obstacle to these private investors. The bottom line is that there is plenty of work left to be done. We can either encourage private investors to spend their own money to make things better or we can leave it to the Village politicians to raise taxes and to spend our money. I suggest the Village, and particularly the Planning Commission, should do more to support private investors.

Richard Hale
Buckeye Lake

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