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Pink water is harmless

MILLERSPORT- It wasn’t a promotion for Victoria Secret’s Pink brand nor was anyone at risk when Millersport’s water turned pink Wednesday.

Mayor’s Assistant Vince Popo said, “They (the water treatment plant) switched wells and the chemicals became imbalanced,” he said. “It’s safe to drink and cook with.”

Millersport Water Superintendent John Wood said the village has several water wells, each with its own chemistry. “If you see pink water, you’re like, ‘What the heck’s going on here?’” He said Ohio EPA officials encouraged him to avoid pre-chlorination of wells before switching from one to the next, which is all well and good, he said, but without the prechlorination the well water can turn pink if there isn’t just the right amount of sodium permanganate – a chemical stronger but safer than chlorine – added to the water. “It doesn’t take much to turn the water pink,” he said, and, unfortunately, that’s what happened. Wood said roughly two pounds too much of sodium permanganate were added to the water.

Wood said the village’s well is 360 feet deep, but tougher to treat than shallower wells.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Wood said the water running from the treatment plant was clear and eventually all the pink water will run through the lines.

Some of Buckeye Lake Village, which contracts with Millersport for public water, was affected as well.

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