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Pants on fire


Buckeye Lake Mayoral candidate Clay Carroll – your pants are on fire! Readers can confirm the facts for themselves before voting on November 5.

At the 9/23 council meeting, Safety Chair Carroll addressed the decision to turn down Hebron’s $110,700 proposal for EMS service. Carroll said, “…proposals were received by the village to receive additional personnel to supplement the staffing at our local fire house. There was no proposal of any sort that anyone would take over and become the first responders or take over responsibility for our runs. They were just basically renting us people. And there were different offers for them being at our fire house and also for being at a different fire house.” He continued, “. . . the $110,000 proposal was for Hebron to put one additional person on per shift so that they would be ready to respond to a mutual aid needs of our village NOT to take full responsibility or to be first responder to our calls.” (Get the council meeting tape.)

The facts: Hebron offered to add one additional personnel at their station (annual cost $110,700) to provide at least a two-person crew for all Buckeye Lake EMS runs. Hebron would always have at least one paramedic available.

Carroll talks about “renting us people” and “paying for mutual aid.” WHAT??? I’m stunned that a mayoral candidate can LIE so easily about a proposal that was made in a public meeting and is well documented. (Get Hebron’s PowerPoint presentation.)


Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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