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Owners respond to neighbor


As the owners of Clay’s Café in Hebron, we wish to set the record straight concerning Mr. Stoner’s Letter to the Editor in last week’s Beacon.

As Mr. Stoner pointed out, Clay’s Café is attempting to upgrade a small employee parking area behind our restaurant. We went to the Village of Hebron and filled out an application for zoning. We have a signed copy of approval from the Community Development Coordinator. We then contracted a licensed excavator to do the work. The day the work was being done, Mr. Stoner charged us with concerns about water run off. The excavator assured us that the work he did would improve Mr. Stoners yard, not harm it. We did immediately halt the work and consulted with the Village of Hebron Street Department and Administrator.

We were asked to re-file an application and add drainage bins and piping so that any water that does not drain into the gravel will drain into the storm sewers. We are in the process of doing so.

We apologize if there were miscommunications between the Village and us as to the scope of the project. We assure everyone that we are working with the Village and the excavator to make sure that this project is done properly and with the required permits.

Anyone that has come to Clay’s Café can visually see that we strive to maintain our properties the best we can. We value our position in the community and have always put our customers, employees and neighbors above ourselves. We do love our neighbors and respect them. We would do anything for anyone. We strive to run a fair business and over the years have provided many jobs for the Hebron community and have helped many families as we see needs arise. We have on numerous occasions helped Mr. Stoner with meals he was providing for the Veterans and we even provided the funeral meal for his family when his wife passed.

As to the false accusation from Mr. Stoner concerning the liquor permit. It is just that, false. When Sherman and Evelyn Clay owned the property at 808 West Main Street, they had leased the restaurant to Bob and Mary Koval for a period of about 6 years. It was the Koval’s that attempted to get a liquor permit. It never happened. As the current owners, we have never attempted to get a liquor permit nor do we have any intentions to do so.

We don’t profess to be Christians, we are. And to that end, Mr. Stoner, we forgive you for your actions and pray that you can find peace in your heart.

Mark and Glenna Jones
Clay’s Café Owners

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