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Owens is a write-in candidate for council


I am running as a write-in candidate for Buckeye Lake Village Council.

My wife and I have both lived in Buckeye Lake since we were children. Therefore, we know the history and have been here through all the changes. Like many of you, we’ve been on the sidelines as our village government has struggled with the many issues that face our modest village.

I’ve been a working man my entire life and have never had the time or interest in politics. This past December, I retired after working 40 years as a construction supervisor for two large companies in Franklin County. Our market was primarily residential from the ground up including single family homes and apartments. Over the years, I’ve supervised as many as 40-60 workers depending on the project.

Now that I have more time, I would like to serve our community by bringing some unity to village council. I hope to support our police department with their training and work toward eliminating the drug culture in our community. Unfortunately, the leadership of the fire department has been lacking for some time. Though minor improvements have been made, there is still a shortage of professionalism and quality in our EMS service. I will vote for a contract with Hebron so that our residents will get the life-saving services they deserve.

I will gladly listen to your concerns as your elected representative. Please select “Write-In Candidate” on the ballot and enter “Kenneth Owens” for Buckeye Lake Village Council.

Kenneth Owens
Buckeye Lake

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