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‘Outside-the-box approach for dam fix


The dam construction situation at Buckeye Lake is an opportunity for existing property owners, new property owners, the public and the State of Ohio if the outside-the-box approach described below is pursued.

It should provide an amenable solution and compensation for most existing property owners. It should allow new property owners to utilize the limited resource of Buckeye Lake waterfront. It should provide the State with an initial source of revenue to help offset the cost of dam reconstruction plus give the State more control of waterfront property access. The State gaining more control of waterfront property access will allow more of the public to enjoy the lake that they pay taxes to support and maintain. This proposal will increase lake usage and residency, which would support more businesses in the Buckeye Lake area and increase property tax revenues.

The State should:

• Declare eminent domain on all dam properties.

• Build eight story condos along the dam.

• Locate some condo’ across the road along North Bank and provide bridges above road to the access the water front.

• In lieu of eminent domain payment, property owners are entitled to a condo in the new high rises.

• Furnish each displaced property owner with new boat dock(s) equal to what they were entitled to as previous dam property owners. Docks could be grouped.

• Build an additional 66 percent more condos than are required to supply existing dam property owners.

• Sell or lease these extra condos to generate revenue to fund dam/lake infrastructure work.

Paul Brill
Licking County

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