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Our kids are worth it


People keep saying how many times do we have to say NO? Well, I think it is the time to say YES! For 30 years I invested all of my time and energy to the students of Millersport because they were worth it. YES, THE STUDENTS AT WALNUT TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS ARE WORTH IT! Please tell me why the students of our district do not deserve a school with the same privileges and opportunities that other school districts are able to give their students. Voting no is keeping our kids from the quality of education that they all deserve. I say YES because I want to enable our school district to continue to do the best job possible in preparing our kids for the future. It is critical for our students to continue gaining skills needed to become successful adults. This levy is important to our children and our future.

Yes, I pay taxes too and mine will go up a substantial amount, but I consider that money very well invested. It is for the education of some pretty awesome kids. Ones that will grow and become something important! It is money well spent for my community as well. No one wants their taxes to increase, but do we want the value of our homes to go down? Property values are directly influenced by our schools not to mention the economic advancement of the entire community. Whether you want to believe it or not, our economy, our community sustainability and our school system play hand in hand. Voting YES on August 4th is a positive investment in not only our kids, but our community. They are worth it!

Paula Clark
Walnut Township

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