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‘Opportunity to spend more wisely’


Our daughter, Nicole Bush, graduated from Millersport High School in 2006 and four years later from MVNU. She’s been blessed to receive a great education.

This past February she went to Nicaragua, her second mission trip there in less than a year. Among the construction projects her team was engaged in was a day set aside to hand out school uniforms to impoverished children in the village of Christo Rey. Having a school uniform is required just to attend. A pair of navy blue pants, a white shirt, a black pair of shoes, and a chance to learn. The smiles on the children’s faces were priceless. The uniforms were far more than just new attire- -they represented the opportunity to be educated and perhaps escape the confines of poverty while helping their families do the same.

Receiving a good education is a privilege and it’s nothing less than an honor to help a child receive one. Our cable bills rise and we murmur, yet we keep on paying because we convince ourselves we need all those channels, even the ones we don’t watch. We buy our Starbucks coffee on the way to work, lotto tickets that never win, and happy meals that are often pretty sad. Money not well spent. On May 6th we have an opportunity to spend more wisely, to invest in the students throughout the Millersport/Walnut Township community. We plan to vote for them. Please join us in VOTING YES ON ISSUE 6.

Pastor Steve Bush

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