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One term is enough


Reading, watching or listening to the news these days seems to be a constant assault of drama/denial. Not only do we have the ever on going Buckeye Lake and Bowling Green Township dissensions, but it seems to me that after the Millersport/ Thurston fire fight, the election of Trustee Terry Horn has created our own Walnut Township chaos.

Do not forget that Trustee Horn and others were determined to force Walnut Township residents into one refuse carrier for all. Also, I was at the township meeting in which all the trustees voted, with NO comments or discussion from residents, to put the four way stop in at the school.

I have decided one term per person is it, and even one term can be, dare I say it, too much. The citizens of Ohio do not have the precious option of recall as do the citizens of Colorado and other states, only thru voting or malfeasance can we Ohioans make changes. Would you please join me in communicating to your local Ohio senators and representatives that we, the people of Ohio, demand and deserve that option also. Thanking you for your consideration.

Carolyn Clark
Fairfield Beach

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